Sermon Notes for those under 50″

Todd is working on Snappshots for me. I sure hope it’s bright purple and automatically plays Yanni for anyone who pops over to say hello.
No, I don’t hope that.
I hope you don’t hope that, either.
If you are a purple Yanni lover, I have nothing to offer you. Sorry, Justin Bieber, I know purple is your thing. Perhaps Yanni is, too. But you are so much richer than him. And better in every way, really.

It’s a bad day in Cyberspace when you veer off on a Justin Bieber, Yanni, purple tirade.

The following photograph illustrates a recent creative endeavor by Mama’s Boy. He leaned over to me in church one day recently and whispered, “Can I write in these blanks?” I answered ‘sure.’ He then said, “Can I write anything I want in them?” Sure, I said again. And when he was done, he handed it to me. I had a very difficult time containing myself. You know how much funnier things are when you are in church, right? Well, picture yourself in a quiet church building, on a red cushioned pew, with a speaker up front. If you can do that, the following photo will seem funnier. Pretend we’re in church together.

Simple Phonics Translation Table:
Keroty = karate
sowkeen = I HAVE NO IDEA. If you figure it out, there’s a small cash reward for you.
mnuken = mannequin
enomys = enemies

Better site coming soon.

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