The Von Snapp Family Rocks

Odd things happen to us in less-than-odd circumstances.
It’s possible that I’m a magnet for these things. Or I suppose it’s also possible that I’m just twisting ordinary circumstances into a sensational lollipop-guild type of tale. Maybe this stuff really isn’t weird.
You be the judge.

It was a cold Thursday afternoon, a week or so ago. There was no school the following day, because people in our county think we should have a weekday to get on down to the county fair. We had no intentions of getting down to that fair, but the fact that we had nowhere we had to be the next day made it feel like a Friday night that needed to be celebrated. We had survived the week. Some weeks this is a bigger deal than others. But when you add to the celebratory feel of the day a swirl of nippy February wind, you got yourselves a family party at the local Cracker Barrel. And that’s exactly where we went.

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40, 4, 400

Hello world. This is my first post, which I will follow with something slightly more interesting. At least I hope. If you like this blog, great! Come back with 2000 of your friends. If you don’t like it, just realize that I designed it with an almost totally bare pantry and refrigerator.  It’s hard to get inspired eating dark red kidney beans out of a can.

Forty-year-old mothers of four after a day of 400 badly juggled foodstuffs, homework foibles, timeouts, half-spilled large jugs of sweet-n-sour sauce, and inappropriately, undiapered bottoms cannot successfully blog at 12:48 a.m. without the risk of repeating the current day’s chaos at a higher level of intensity…the following day.

But the real reason I am going to bed is this:

There are no more Wheat Thins in the house.