For lack of better material…

AG has become the neighborhood pied piper. He plays outside a lot and kids just somehow end up in our yard. Last week, I came outside and found an 8 year old on my roof. That was shocking. He shimmied up a Ligustrum tree, hopped onto the roof, and retrieved the yellow frisbee that was up there. All in a day’s playtime, I suppose. I just know I’m going to get sued out of all of this.

At any rate, at the end of every afternoon, the boys are sweaty. Nasty. And they have entire construction sand piles in the bottoms of their shoes. How do they even play with that going on in the bottom of their shoes?

So, I ushered them into the showers last night right after dinner. And Mama’s Boy stay gone a long time. I had to go retrieve him. And this is what I came upon. There is no nudity in this clip. Only oddity.

Good day to you. Fare thee well.

4 thoughts on “For lack of better material…

  1. I can only imagine what’s going on behind that curtain but what a great home you have that your children can really be themselves, uninhibited, free to express themselves. Good job, Mom.

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