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My name is Missy. I am an unpublished writer living and writing in Florida while dreaming of a future in New York City. I am extremely middle aged and married for 26 years to a man who would not let me break up with him. In the amount of time it took me to try to think up a more creative way to break it off, I fell for him. Now the mother of four quirky children, I came to parenthood in hard and unconventional ways. I regret none of it. I hope my life and writing reflect the God I serve. Without Him, I’m nothing.

You can tell a lot by a person by what they’ll eat off the floor.

I tried with no success to find one single picture of me not sweating.

20 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! You tell THE greatest stories!! I just wish I could hear more of them in person and laugh with you. I love you, my friend!!

  2. So proud of my dear friend Missy for launching her blog. She has a gift for sharing the funny, the weird, the inspirational, and just simply sharing herself. Your life will be more enriched by bringing her into your life. I have first hand experience with that. I look forward to enjoying her blog and I am quite sure we will all have a smile on our faces after reading.

  3. Missy, you are the greatest! I look forward to reading every one. And maybe I’ll even learn something…..maybe I’ll even learn something about your quirky side….there seems to be one! Or maybe it is all quirky……?

  4. Missy, my dear wonderful and weird daughter, you are indeed special. We will love following your blog. Since you are mine, I am sure I am a little responsible for your weirdity! Is that a word? However, it is mostly your father’s fault!

  5. I feel compelled to join your blog since my husband married you two and therefor is responsible somewhat for this weird life you now live. Look forward to reading your gleanings of day-to-day family life.

  6. Missy, sorry just now got to your blog! Look forward to reading all your posts and hope this finds you well!!!!

  7. Hi there! It was so nice to meet you today at Taco Bell! I hope I didn’t come across as a creeper / stalker asking you about local strawberry patches! Lol. A play date sounds wonderful! I’m a blogger too. I’d love to get to know you more!

  8. I just read your ABOUT ME post on your page. “I’m an unpublished writer living and writing in Florida…”
    You should be published. Just saying.

    This blog post was brilliant. Excellent. Just saying.

    I loved (and cried) through the whole thing. Just saying.

    To me, my family is legendary. And I am legendary to them.

    I wish you blessing upon blessing with your writing. And yep, I’m praying and hoping I never forget about Lexi.

    Gail Helgeson

  9. I appreciate the excerpt you wrote regarding the other seven on board Bryant’s helicopter. You are gifted in expressing your thoughts in writing and I admire you for sharing your heart about the loss of all on board that day. Your notes are an encouragement to live with an eternal perspective in mind. Thank you. Amy

  10. Missy, I quickly read your article about “The Other Seven” a few days ago and one thing stayed with me. It was “To be a legend. Because to a few, we are… and to love our people like they are legends. Because to us–they are.” This was so beautifully expressed and I want to thank you for your tender, authentic heart. Nancy Jo

  11. Missy, it was late when I commented on your blog and I didn’t capture in words, the essence of how your comments touched me. All of the article was excellent, in my opinion; however, the insights about “legend” went deep into my heart — and I kept wondering, “where did I read that? where did I hear that?” Then, your article popped up somewhere again and as unusual as it is for me to comment on blogs I am not familiar with, I absolutely had to reach out to you. If we were neighbors, I think we could be good friends. You are endeavoring to redeem the time of your life here with great meaning and added value. “Legends” — the word is a prelude to “the power of one” and how the love and wisdom we impart to others can strengthen and empower them to achieve the desires that are sometimes buried deep within their hearts. Keep up the good work, Missy. You are flowing in one of your gifts.

    1. Wow! Thank you. I feel very blessed by your words. If you ever find yourself in Tampa, let’s meet for coffee! Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

      1. Missy, if I’m ever in Tampa again, I will surely let you know and we can start coffee early enough to get a couple hours in.

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