Stuff that will not change your life

Last night I took 1/2 the Nyquil dosage recommended for a 12-year-old. When I had to get up in the night, I felt like a drunk monkey. This morning, 9 hours after taking the 1/2 dose, I still felt like I was walking through wax. I shudder to think of the effects of a full dosage. I’m thinking I could have my own reality show with that one.


Every now and then, I stumble upon a moment with the children that make me realize something about them. Maybe you are thinking I’m about to pick up my violin and weep as I play Sunrise, Sunset. That’s not the kind of moment I am describing. I’ll let the pictures do the talking here.


That was 27 baby wipes quietly utilized over the 17 minutes it took us to drive home. I wanted to be mad. And for the next shot, I’m fairly certain it took more effort to write on the bottle with a sharpie than it would have taken to throw the bottle into the recycle bin outside the back door.


I told you this wouldn’t change your life. But if you want your life changed for just 12 hours, take a full dose of Nyquil. That will do it.