The Chair that Wasn’t

Clearly I don’t have a problem embarrassing myself. I’ve spent a long lifetime becoming familiar, even comfortable, with a vibe of humiliation. I’ve worn my Dork like a badge of honor.

But I like to control how it goes down.

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The Failing at Life Club

I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, who is my equal in all the wrong ways. We are doltish, dimwitted screw ups.

We are not usually stupid at the same time, which is helpful. Because if we were stupid in the same ways at the same times, we’d either be in prison or the hospital. We trade off stupidity.

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Biking with Hurricane Georges

In every life there are moments that define us absolutely. Moments that stand out as amazing, embarrassing, ridiculous, tender, or painfully raw. And there are moments, both good and band, that cause us to halt, step away from our actual bodies, and identify exactly who we are.

I have one of those moments that I cannot reflect on without shaking my head.

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Doctors, shots, and catastrophic grocery runs

Almost anybody could tell you that I’m practically a doctor. It’s in the genes. No, I didn’t go to Harvard. And no, I didn’t go to “medical school.” And yes, I did make Cs in high school chemistry. But have you met my mother? I dare you to get a malady that she can’t diagnose. Get sick in some weird way (normal ways are fine too; all the easier for her, really.), save the $100 your insurance will charge you, and call my mom. 

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