The Exhale

I did not sleep in my running shoes.

I did sleep a little, I think. God has protected me both from this virus and from shutting down in the days and days of not sleeping. I am thankful.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, Beloved stopped losing her water droplets 10 minutes after she drank them. I was thankful to be waking up for false alarms. False alarms are a lot less messy than the actual alarms. I think the last incident we had occurred on the sleeping bag that was protecting the bed. I balled it up and took it to the laundry at some ridiculous hour in the middle of the night. When I returned to it, an hour or so later (I’m all about staying on top of the Laundry Mountain Range), it was in shreds. It is an Ozark Trail from Walmart. I didn’t read the tag. Surely it doesn’t say to not wash it, because no human with even 1/16 of a brain would invent a sleeping bag that can’t be washed. Have you read about Boggy Bottom Ranch? You have to wash these things. So, no, I didn’t read the tag and yes, I’m dragging that wet tattered sleeping bag back to Sam Walton with my palm outstretched. Give me back my money, dude. I like to camp.
In sleeping bags.
That have been washed.

At any rate, things settled down after that. I am wearing clean clothes today and think I may just take a gander at some make up. I know. We are living crazy on the edge around here.

Do you know Pioneer Woman? Surely, you must. If you don’t, go to her blog ( Click the Confessions tab, and at the end of her Quarters post, leave a comment with a charity name that could benefit folks in the South that suffered from tornadoes. If you can’t think of any, she makes a few suggestions. Red Cross is always a stand-by. She is giving away 25 cents per comment to this post. She already has in excess of 16,000 comments, so we are up past $4,000 for people in Alabama. She’ll count the comments on Friday and base her gift on that number. She has plenty of money and she uses her influence for good. So by leaving a comment, you can ‘give’ without actually sticking your own 25 cents into an envelope and mailing it to People in Alabama, Towns in Alabama, AL, Zip Codes that go to Alabama.

You can do that whole quarter in the envelope, too, but I think we’d need to be more specific somehow. If we all did something, just think.

I’m going to put on my running shoes now. I hope God blesses your corner today.

4 thoughts on “The Exhale

  1. Glad you are keeping your head above water, at least for now, although I don’t know how! The Lord bless and keep you!

  2. Missy, I think it’s appropriate for all of us Moms to be reminded of the importance of what we do for the Lord with our children – things they would never put in a Hallmark card! I second the blessings to you and your family!

  3. I witnessed “Super Mom” yesterday. I was one of the sickies and wasn’t any help but Missy did an amazing job of keeping on top of things around here. Sorry I wasn’t any help. Hopefully your kids will thank you someday.

  4. We need to find you a tee that says “Super Mom.” Faster than a kid can vomit, more powerful than a washing machine, able to leap tall mounds of laundry in a single bound…that is Missy.

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