Down the Hatch!

Well, good Friday evening!

What a day it was. It had Crazy Town Awards Ceremonies, kid meltdowns, one kid beating another kid with a girl’s bracelet, and some horseradish.

If you watched the recent Cone Off in the Park, then you will recognize The Organizer. Erin. She’s really, REALLY efficient. One day recently, she called me and said, “I think we should eat horseradish. For your blog.” Huh? Why? Well, because it will be torture and torture is funny. I agreed. Apparently, Erin showed up at the park last Friday with horseradish and spoons in hand. The only thing she didn’t have was me. And I was using a port-a-potty out in the middle of a forest. But I won’t take you down that nasty road again. You may or may not have already endured 4300 words about all of that.

So, today was going to be the rescheduled horseradish-off. I called her just to make sure we were still on. And then I called her again to ask what our goal was with this. And then I called her one final time to reconfirm what I had previously confirmed. There’s no real need to do this with an efficient person, but I am not efficient, so I had to keep calling. It did work out in my favor, though, because by the end of the third conversation, she had volunteered to pick up my kids (well, they’re not really mine…but they were in my charge today), bring the horseradish, the spoons, some Little Debbie Swiss Rolls to take the taste out of our mouth afterward, AND bring a camera. I couldn’t find my camera. It was hidden under a pile of non-efficiency.  And at the end of her list of what she was bringing, I said, “Then I’ll just bring me.” Awesome.

But back to that Cone Off for a second. If you saw that, then you know that Erin rocked that like she was born to eat that one melty ice cream cone from McDonalds. Three years later, I finished mine, long after even the 7-yr-old had savored hers. I came in dead last. But today, the results were different. It really wasn’t a contest, exactly. It was just a weird way to spend time. I don’t want to call it a waste, though, because I have a new talent and a new sauce for my hot dogs.

When you watch this video, take note of just a couple of things:

  • When I start yelling “I did it!”, you start watching Erin. It gets funny.
  • When Erin tries to talk, listen to her voice. She’s lost it. It wasn’t a put-on. She is practically suffocating here. It sounds a little like she swallowed a talking gerbil whole.
  • When she leans over, notice how close to vomiting she is. It would have been so awesome if she had. Vomiting is fun. Especially when it’s horseradish.
  • During all of this, her sweet daughter keeps trying to give her water to save her life.

Who knew that the girl who can’t handle medium picante sauce would be able to swallow a teaspoon of horseradish without a runny nose? It’s really too bad this is a worthless talent. And in case you are wondering if I am aware that I am a dork, I will answer that here. Yes, I am aware that I am a dork.

So Erin is still the most efficient person I know…except in the eating of straight horseradish.

8 thoughts on “Down the Hatch!

  1. I call you on one teaspoon of HR and raise you to two teaspoons of HR..or however you say that in poker.

  2. How awesome! And by the way, I’m showing my ignorance, but in babysitting Dawson and Kendall, Dawson heard the video, got up, wanted an explanation and asked what is horseradish–is it something off a horse? I found I couldn’t answer, because I don’t know what it is, so what is it?

    1. Hmm. I don’t think I really know either. It’s just REALLY spicy…like the worst spicy mustard ever. VERY potent stuff. Someone look it up for me? Thanks!

      1. It’s from a “horseradish” ….like a radish, only it’s called a horseradish. They are white and kinda look like turnips.

  3. So…after reading the entire blog and watching the video, guess what stuck out in my mind? The brief mention of Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls….because the bowl of popcorn, glass of chocolate milk, fun size Almond Joy, fun size malted milk balls, and no-bake cookie from earlier didn’t satiate the junk food cravings. I have a problem.

    I also love horseradish and am now craving roast beef. The end.

  4. My favorite part of this video is when you clanked my spoon out of my hand. Makes me laugh every time.

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