Sometimes it’s the little things…

Sometimes you get stories about there being warrants out for my arrest in Swamplandia. Sometimes you get the drivel that happens in my car on the way to church.

It’s been a sweet week with a sick Mamasboy. He’s finally returning to school tomorrow and life should be normal again around here. I’ll miss him when I go to do a Mad Lib. I’m pretty sure Snugglemonkey doesn’t know what an adverb is.

Right after dinner, Mamasboy was getting truly grumpy over a broken lollipop. (I have found this to be a high level crisis for at least three of the children. They like their lollipops to be IN TACT.) So I grabbed a fake microphone…actually just air…and I launched into the most horrible Wayne Newton version of the Brownie Smile song that you will ever in your life hear. I started it, “I have something in my pocket,” as I patted my fake pocket. “It belongs across my face…” I was singing my head off. The kids were watching me with a mix of horror and delight. “Annnnnd, I can’t remember the words…hang on…” And I ran into the dining room to Google the Brownie Smile song lyrics. OK. Got it. Back in business. “I keep it very close to me, in a most convenient place. I’ll bet you would not guess it, if you guessed a long, long while. So I’ll take it out and put it on, it’s a great big Brownie smile!” Thank you. Thank you very much. I’ll be here all weekend. One more time! And I launched into that again. This time I was rocking like no Brownie ever even dreamed of doing. Mamasboy and Beloved were cackling. The others were staring. Todd was looking for lawyers so he could just be done with it all. Three minutes later I was trying to herd the children up the stairs for bed, as Mamasboy had taken over the obnoxious song and tone. I couldn’t make him stop.

I have some regrets. I’m keeping them in that pocket, next to my dorky Brownie smile. They are sitting on top of an adverb. Politely.