The Bathroom Fan

I have two things to share that will not change your life in any way.

I hate bathroom fans. You know, the white noise bathroom fans you turn on to disperse steam or an unpleasant aroma? Hate them. Hate.them.  I can’t explain it. I can’t trace it back to a traumatic childhood event involving bathrooms, fans, or white noise. But I hate this appliance and I turn them off any chance I get. Unfortunately, I am part of an extended network that is practically married to the bathroom fan. And no matter how many times I turn it off myself or announce to the world that I hate bathroom fans, the fan blades keep on turning.


When I rose from my slumber this morning, I found not one, but TWO bathroom fans running in this house. That’s ALL THE FANS WE HAVE. And they ran all night. What in the world? It was like acid poured directly into my ear drums at 6:30 this morning. That’s no way to wake up.

And since nobody in my house actually cares how much I loathe the bathroom fan, I have no other option but to blog about it. It doesn’t take away the pain. But it does give me hope that if the bathroom fan actually causes my untimely death, one of you might stand up and protest in my funeral. I’d like someone to stand up suddenly in a quite moment of reflection on my life and yell out with angry fervor, “IT WAS THE BATHROOM FAN THAT KILLED HER!”

Actually, no matter what kills me and when, I’d like to ensure this happens. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “The Bathroom Fan

  1. I’ll do it. I also hate bathroom fans. I don’t mind having one on while I take a shower as I imagine the fan pulling away the humidity from the bathroom but the absolute second I’m out of the shower, the fan goes off and if someone else leaves it on, I shudder a little and violently hit that switch to turn it off. I don’t mind fans, in general, but there’s something about a bathroom fan that irks me. I thought it was just me. Whew!

  2. I am totally with you on this one. I can be in any part of the house and if a fan is running on the other end of the house even on another level I can hear it! Why does it not bother anyone else???? Although I will say, living with three men, there are many times I am very thankful for a bathroom fan if you know what I mean!

  3. I. Hate. Them. Too. I always turn them off and HATE it when I accidently that on instead of the light.

  4. Speaking for bathroom fan lovers here. They provide a sort of security that (hopefully) no one hears what’s going on in that room! If you know what I mean.

    In Japan, they have little “white noise” makers in some bathrooms. They are right by the toilet paper holder. Some are even motion dectected by your hand so you don’t have to touch it to turn it on. I think some even play a tune, I can’t remember exactly. But I have pictures! I want one!

  5. I just don’t understand…how can you hear a bathroom fan somewhere else in the house and not your cellphone right next to you?

  6. Oh godness, can I relate to your pain. I’m leaving a student accommodation and one of my roommate prolly leaves the darn fan for 5-6 hours each day. Ain’t that crazy?

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