Somebody got his number

I am sitting here in my brown chair lamenting the fact that I am awake, since I spent much of last night holding a throw up bowl under Mamasboy’s chin. However, I am not lamenting the REASON I am still up. I am waiting to hear what the President has to say about the fact that Osama bin Laden has been killed. We all remember where we were when this whole terror thing started. I was in my beloved Honda CRV on the way to Ben’s 2nd birthday party. My oldest and only child, AG, was rear facing in an infant car seat. He was 4 months old.

I couldn’t find a song on any radio station because the news people just kept talking. I didn’t know what they were talking about. It was the worst thing they’d seen in 30 years of their journalism careers. What? What’s the worst thing? I had a cell phone. I called home. My husband and parents-in-law were dolling themselves up for the same birthday party, but hadn’t left home yet.

“Turn on the TV,” I said to Todd. “Something huge has happened. Tell me what it is.”

And that’s when the sick feeling set in and the news unfolded. The three still at home sat there in horror and watched the second plane hit and the towers collapse. I listened to things on a loud speaker in the lobby of the clubhouse where the party was held. I couldn’t help but note the contrast that day. Inside, there were Oreo sundaes and gifts and drooling babies running around. Outside in the lobby, there was speculation that a war had begun. And the bad news just kept coming. I walked back into that party room and looked at my tiny son, still strapped in his carrier. He was wearing blue keds and a party hat that dwarfed his tiny bald head. What kind of world are you going to grow up in? I had to ask myself. When I had awakened that morning, this question had clear answers. Now, the game was changing.

Ten years later, it is May 1 and I am watching the news report that they have killed the man that started this whole mess. And oddly enough, I am watching this with my husband and parents-in-law. I hope the game is changing again. I hope there will be less terror and more peace. I hope the President will come out and say something before I pass out. I hope.

4 thoughts on “Somebody got his number

  1. Gave me goosebumps reading this! What a horrible day it was! Relieved that he is dead, but worried about what al qaeda will do in retaliation.

    1. Lauren, don’t spend too much time worrying over it. The mastermind is dead. The top people under him have been killed or captured. And we are smarter than we used to be. But the real reason I don’t worry so much is that God is behind it all anyway. We can strategize till we’re blue in the face, but if God decides it’s done, it is done.

  2. It’s really something…10 years later. Enjoyed your blog and thanks for keeping me and Kris up with world events. We are living in a bubble here.

  3. I was at my desk in the Public Relations office at Florida College. My radio was on and the breaking news came on and time just stopped. Chapel was especially poignant that day as students waited to hear from family and friends in New York. Now, as then, God is in control and for Christians everywhere, all is well.

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