And the Winner Is…

Earlier today, I offered some of the worst Easter photos ever taken. They were taken by me. And though they are a wreck, I’m so thankful I felt pressured to take them. They represent an honest moment in time.

Tonight I present to you the winner of the Reverse “Best Easter Photo” Contest. It is a reverse contest, because the winner is announced first and you get the opportunity to unseat this winner…if you can. It’ll be tough to do, though, because this photo clearly represents the world of parents who drag their children to the mall to sit on the laps of a predatory costumed character. Then they watch their children dissolve into heaps of traumatized screaming. And then they pay at least $20 to preserve those chuckles forever.

I’m not judging.
I’ve done this.
Not with the Easter Bunny, but I have turned the hearts of my children away from Mall Santas for all eternity. Oh yes, I have. But you’ll just have to wait on that one. It’s only April.

So I present to you the following Winner. Should you have a photo of an Easter fiasco that trumps this, please send it to me. Perhaps we CAN unseat this winner. You have until Easter to try.

Just to make sure we don’t miss the impact of this moment, I have cropped this down into the cast of four characters. Continue scrolling…

This is Mr. and Mrs. Informinator’s firstborn, clutching Mr. BunBun for dear life and obviously pleading to be removed from the situation. He was fine up until the moment the cameras started rolling.

Below is Jessie. You may have seen her beat me in the Cone Off at the park. She was apparently screaming PRIOR to the photo. But after a good healthy spit-up, she was at peace with the holiday. I’m fairly certain she does have feet, but they are lost in the fur of this very large predator.

And this is Jocelyn. She was loving this. Totally.

And let’s not forget this guy. Does he look innocent to you?

I am completely creeped out right now…
Hoppy Easter.

5 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…

  1. Loved the pictures of your children in 2008. They were really little, huh? Poor Jenna, so dolled up in that frilly dress. And Lucy with the two suckable fingers! Glad you have those pictures. As for those above, they are funny too! Typical of little kids and animated characters!

  2. The absolute creepiest part of this picture is that you can see the guy peeking out from the bunny’s mouth. Horrifying.

  3. Ask Clint about the time he volunteered to dress up as the Easter bunny for a function – he appeared wearing the suit backwards (by mistake) and had an odd looking button tail sticking out in a most awkward location. Not sure that there were very many that decided to sit on his lap for pictures. (you do not need to post this, by the way, if it is inappropriate – I just could not resist mentioning it in light of the topic at hand)

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