Summer is knocking

Yesterday we had a fortunate glance into the heat that a pioneer might have experienced. Both our cars have lost their air conditioning. It gets HOT inside a car with 6 people in it. I dare say an open wagon would have been more pleasant, though much bumpier and dustier, I realize. Oh, and a million times slower. I know it’s not really a glance into pioneer living, ok? Just let me dream. A little heat and a subway sandwich has Prairie Living all over it.

And about lunchtime yesterday, our house AC froze up. There was no escaping the heat. By 6 p.m. it was almost 90 in the house and the cars were just as hot.

Let’s just say that i fully appreciate modern living. I like my toilet paper and my AC. And I’m not ashamed to say so.  The house AC was working again by evening, but the children went to bed with very sweaty heads in their upstairs rooms.

The cars, well, that may take awhile. But we will definitely be fixing the van before summer, because I’m not a strong enough woman to drag 4 kids to Texas in Summertime without a frosty vent blowing on me.

Today we are going to the pool to survive this springtime heat wave. In honor of us having skipped a season altogether, I will post a few of my favorite shots from the beachside pool. Summer may bring the mad heat with it, but it also brings the crazy good times.

Good luck on the FCAT, boys!

If the heat is getting to you, bring your kids to the rec center after school. We’ll be there celebrating Day 1 of the FCAT and the modern day amenities of 2011.

4 thoughts on “Summer is knocking

  1. We are supposed to have snow again in the morning. Kids wore coats at recess. Essie had on her earflap hat to go to the shed to work.
    We don’t really like you. At all.

    1. Sorry, Rhonda. Looks like I trounced on a nerve tonight just like the day I bad-mouthed tomatoes! Somewhere between your weather and mine is the right thing, though. 90 degrees in April with a million percent humidity is not the best way.

  2. I’ll have to second Rhonda’s sentiments. I don’t know who thought of “Sunny California,” but it’s very deceptive. Sunny implies warm. The “warmest” it’s gotten in our one year here is 78 and that happened once. We’re usually lucky to break 70 in the summer. Will I ever wear shorts or swim again? Sigh…

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