Celebration of the Arts and Kountry Mist

Today begins a series that will appear on occasion and at my discretion to celebrate the arts. There is a lot of art in my life. A lot. The Free Dictionary  defines the arts as “imaginative, creative, and nonscientific branches of knowledge considered collectively, esp. as studied academically.” The singular term art is defined by the Irish Art Encyclopedia as follows: “Art is created when an artist creates a beautiful object, or produces a stimulating experience that is considered by his audience to have artistic merit.” So, one could conclude that art is the process that leads to a product (the artwork or piece of art), which is then examined and analyzed by experts in the field of the arts or simply enjoyed by those who appreciate the arts. In this vein, I submit the following clip to you. The process is my practicing. The product of beauty is my song. The expert enjoying and analyzing is you. The hamster boxes in the background are a bonus. They are the arts according to furry nature. They wouldn’t be in this shot if the Informinator had hit “Record” when we filmed this the first time. Today is the first time I have found a limit to what she can do. Hmm. As it was, I used a plate rack as a tripod and forged ahead. Because you can’t hinder the arts.

Wow. That was hard to watch. If nothing else, you can learn a few facts from the strategically located Multiplication Chart.

So, if we can attempt to move on, you may recall that the video-challenged Informinator issued a taste test challenge between the esteemed and delicious Diet Mtn. Dew and the shamefully named Diet Kountry Mist, made by Winn Dixie. They clearly don’t spend much on marketing. At any rate, I went into this experiment with unwavering confidence. No one drinks more Diet Mtn. Dew than I do. When separated from it last week on my travels, I almost had to hospitalize myself for the headache. Not really, but you understand my point, I hope. So here are the results on video.


And this one…


After this post hits the web, you may want to send Todd some notes of encouragement. This doesn’t bode well…

14 thoughts on “Celebration of the Arts and Kountry Mist

  1. I don’t think I know that song. You might want to get some lessons…if you want to persue that art. Just sayin’.

    1. Sherri, bless your heart for getting both the correct answer and a reasonable second guess. I’ll be sending you a little prize with your Christmas in July newsletter! Ha. For real, though. You win. It was Footloose! And what a bad Footloose it was.

  2. K well I do not know the song but sure enjoyed listening to it—
    I am going to have to do that test on Greg—well I won’t even tell you how much of Dt. Mt Dew is even consumed in this house by him, I would love to see if he can tell the diff. if it is the close I would love to change since DMD is really getting pricey–right now BOGO tho so I justify it. 😉

  3. So, I’m watching your song video and my first born, first chair trumpet playing son comes to the laptop and starts to listen. Then he says, “What is that?” My only thought is, “Good question son, good question.” He does laugh and had to even ask who it was! Then both the trumpet player and Ben’s best friend watch both videos and have a good laugh on their “sick” day.

    1. Glad I can both entertain on a sick day and make a trumpet player confident in his skills. I have to admit this: my 6-yr-old, without a lesson in his life, can hit better notes on that trumpet than I can.

  4. Wow, you are one brave girl. I played the clarinet a hundred years ago and I think it sounded somewhat like that when we played California Dreamin’. Magnified by about 50 times. Poor band director! I loved the comments from the short people as you played!

    1. Brave? Probably not. Just self-deprecating and maybe with one hour more in today than I needed? Yeah, I’m bad on trumpet. But if I had been good, it would have been more boring…

  5. I had been hoping it would be “Never Say Never,” because I probably could guess that as much as I’ve heard it around/from your kids. And, after all, I’m pretty sure it’s your favorite song, too, right?

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