Doll Week – Day 1

I recently acquired a new doll. This one belonged to the Informinator’s daughter. We’ll call her InformiJunior. While I laughed my head off when I first heard what this doll can do, I must sincerely acknowledge the following:

  • InformiJunior loved this doll.
  • My own girls now love this doll.
  • I think I love this doll, too. Just enough so that I panicked when I couldn’t find her today. There’s a lot to be said for a person, or a toy, that can cheer for you while simultaneously mocking the other team.

Anyone that can get by with these cheers has my vote. So to kick off doll week, we’ll start with my favorite cheer and the other four will follow each day this week.

Just to be very sure you understand what Cheer Baby is saying, I’m posting the lyrics. Chant along. It’s a tad addictive.

Riding on a donkey, sitting on a cactus.
We think your team needs a little practice.
Jump in the tub.
Pull out the plug.
There goes your team,
Chug, chug, chug.

I wish I could extend the hand of friendship to the man or woman that wrote those words. I mean, cactus and practice? Pure genius. And then, with a stroke of vengeful rancor, Cheer Baby wills the other team into the tub, where she sends them spinning down the drain with a triple chug “take that!”  Awesome.

And just for my own edification, I did a Google Images search on Cheer Baby. It didn’t turn up my baby, but it turned up these little gems.

Some Teletubby Cheerleaders…

Some Cheer Teletubbies
This is somehow very scary to me.

And then this one. Little too much mixture of doll and reality for my taste.

Here’s Bad Hair Cheer Baby in a laundry basket or something…

And here’s one in a perpetual squatting position. She must have great quads.

And a shout out to the Longhorn fans…

Whoa. I’m going to stop after this one, because there is just nothing else to say. What in the world?