Get your Guessing Caps on

Today I sprained my ankle. I was playing. In Colorado.

There is a story to be told.

Before I tell it, I am inviting you to guess what I was doing/playing when I incurred the injury.

Give it your best shot in the comments field. If you get it right, I’ll buy you a Slurpee.

16 thoughts on “Get your Guessing Caps on

  1. For Mr. Informinator.
    verb (used with object)
    to affect with a narcotic drug, especially with cocaine (usually followed by up or out ).
    1905–10, Americanism ; short for cocaine
    Coke   [kook] Show IPA
    Sir Edward, 1552–1634, English jurist and writer on law.
    Also, Cooke.

    1. oops it said playing… I am changing my answer or adding to it, it the first one is correct! LOL Anyway…I say you were playing hopscotch!

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