It wasn’t Barbies

I honestly didn’t get the Coke joke. Please someone explain it to the mentally deficient, because I missed that.

Your answers gave me a laugh, which I needed. Red rover was a good guess, but it wasn’t that. It wasn’t from chasing and slaughtering a chicken, but that image cracked me up and that was a great guess.

The story will follow soon.

No one will enjoy it more than the recently fallen Baron Wetty. She deserves mocking rights and I freely give them

3 thoughts on “It wasn’t Barbies

  1. The “coke” comment is an attack on your husband “Mr. Blog” by the Informinator’s husband concerning how hurt ankles have been handled in the past.

  2. The Coke joke was a personal attack on your husband and his classic response to an ankle injury. Ask him about it – he loves to tell the story. So does Wes.

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