Get your Guessing Caps on

Today I sprained my ankle. I was playing. In Colorado.

There is a story to be told.

Before I tell it, I am inviting you to guess what I was doing/playing when I incurred the injury.

Give it your best shot in the comments field. If you get it right, I’ll buy you a Slurpee.

Postcards from the edge

I have a few travel stories to tell. Unfortunately, after typing a lengthy expose of the obstacles involved in trekking with four children, I lost half the blog due to a login issue. Right now I’m just too tired to recreate it. Part 1 has been saved as a draft. I’ll post it if and when it seems decent enough to do so. For now, I’ll send some postcards and leave you with a few thoughts.

No chickens were harmed in the writing of this blog. Or otherwise. Yet.

If you are offended by boys toting toy weapons, do not scroll down to the pictures.

Mama’s Boy still refuses to trust me on matters that require any adjustment. Nothing much has changed there.

I am really enjoying the total lack of traffic. And cars. And car related sounds.

The deer and antelope play here.

Sorry. It’ll be stuck in your head indefinitely. It has been in mine.