Day One – Success

Day One of Operation Disappear was a success. Well, you can’t measure the success in any new muscles or a massive loss of fat cells. But I am measuring it in having met my goals.

I had to talk to Beloved pretty convincingly to get her to try out her bike. She was finally willing at 7 tonight. After 30 hard minutes, she did it. It was awkward. It wasn’t pretty in any way. But she did it. She stayed up on her own. Tomorrow should give us something to build on.

I ran this morning. I waved to an actual neighbor. I’m glad I couldn’t see the look on her face, because again…people do not jog out here. She was walking her dog, which is perfectly acceptable in the country. After 2 laps around, I saw a little dog in the next door field. He looked like Bolt. For some reason, it didn’t occur to me that small Bolt-like dogs can sail through barbed wire fences. But they can. And he did. And suddenly I was being chased by a barky, ridiculous little country dog in my own field. At one point, I stopped and turned to face him. All I could think to do was swipe at him backhanded like I was brushing crumbs off a table. I didn’t want to yell at him, because his owner was in the field he SHOULD have been in. The whole thing was very ugly. It is precisely what one can expect if one takes up running out here.

This afternoon Mama’s Boy and I biked the jogging path. That was nice.

I haven’t had a Diet Mtn Dew since Sunday. I don’t have any tremors, but I sure do miss it. I have a mild headache that I dearly hope doesn’t become severe. Dr. Oz says you are supposed to acknowledge the pain and shout things like “Bring on the Pain!” I did that on the way to Publix tonight. It came out sounding a bit more like “Please go easy on me….”

I can do this.

It’s practically already done.


3 thoughts on “Day One – Success

  1. you will only have a slight headache for one day, as you get used to caffeine withdrawal. no problems after that, or at least that’s mine experience!

  2. Okay, so I read your post, laughed, and then clicked on the advertisement below your blog. I never do this, but it was titled the Wild Life, and is basically a glorified Glad garbage bag commercial. There are bears, ducks, beavers, racoons etc. either taking over or living in this house. In one scene, the bear is cleaning up the living room with a leaf blower. It just almost seemed like a continuation of your dog chasing, rooster fighting, coop mispelling country life….but then I guess it would have been called “Wilde Kuntry Life”!
    Goodnight!!! 🙂

  3. Here’s advice to one city girl who lives in the country to another city girt who lives in the country. In the country, when you go walking, or running, you HAVE to take a big stick…to hit the dogs that will attack you. Evidently it’s a given. I saw my husband do this first and then I noticed all the other people around me who do it. They have their “walking sticks” behind the door to grab as they go out. So run quickly and drag a large stick.

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