Wednesday Morning

I thought about not writing this morning, because, truthfully, I’m way out of things to say. My life is not that interesting. The rooster has only attacked his own kind this week. He has left me alone. And I’ve given you every boring last detail about running in a field. Really. I’m actually sorry about that. Sorry for you. From me.

But it’s a beautiful morning. Gorgeous. And since there are a whole bunch of city people out there, I can share my quiet rural morning and then skulk away.

I am sitting on my porch, reclined with a laptop in my lap. I awoke to a blanket of thick storm clouds over the whole area. The only break in it looks to be over Lakeland. Unfortunately, that area is right in front of where my eyeballs want to look, so I am squinting right now. Squinting is not ideal when you are 3 days from your most recent Diet Mtn. Dew. The kids are inside, but continue to pop their heads out the front door to ask for some morning ice cream. I keep saying no, but they are wearing me down. I haven’t had caffeine. They are preying on my weakness. Right this second, the breeze is my only companion. And the leaves of the sycamore trees are shimmering like each one of them is posing with jazz hands. They seem to know some weather is coming.

Oh, wait. That’s Lord of the Rings.

Also, I have a house plant that has been in my possession since June 9. It is still alive.


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