A Cure for the Doldrums

Let’s begin with a cheer, shall we?

We’re Number 1, We can’t be Number 2,
Cuz we’re gonna beat the whoopsies outta you,
The Whoopsies outta you.

OK. So are we Number 1 because you are Number 2 already?
Why can we not be Number 2?
Is that BECAUSE we are already Number 1 or because we are beating your Whoopsies?  Also, what is a Whoopsie? I doubt that is the word that would escape someone being bludgeoned by my team.

Here are a few things I learned today that are of very little consequence, but I will pass them on nonetheless.

  1. If you are going to sing “I love you a Bushel and a Peckeroo”, changing the words into a shameful version of wackadoodle, be aware of your surroundings. Ensure that the lady in the Toyota Tercel is not waiting on you to strap in your child so that she can get into her own car 2 feet from you.  Also, do you sing well enough to sing loud in a parking lot?
  2. If you have 34 different documents, programs, or processes running on your laptop, it will take you about 5 minutes to complete a mouse click and 10 solid minutes to close all of those windows. Then, your operating system will begin sending you hate mail about what you have been doing for 3 days without a re-boot.
  3. Apparently, I forgot we still receive mail. My son came in and said, “We got mail. You better come see.” I thought maybe that meant an exciting shaped package was in there. Maybe there was a ferret hiding in the mailbox. There was a package all right. But it was smashed up against the inside of the mailbox with about 82 other unopened items. Coupons, special and meaningful correspondence from banks and credit card agencies telling me how much they’d love to have lunch with me, fliers, 4 thank you notes from real people, and a mouth-watering life sized pamphlet for Smoothie King. Man, I’m hungry.

So to sum up, watch where you sing, run fewer than 5 applications on  your computer at a time, check your mail, and watch your back for Cheer Babies trying to beat your Whoopsies.

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