Dest Frenbs

I am afraid the Informinator is not happy. Doll Week wasn’t a week. Or even about dolls entirely. Organizers and Informinators do not fly by the seat of their pants. That’s why they have knowledge and order. I do not have knowledge and order. I have a chaotic brain. And four kids. And one with flu. And another one with a fever that I’m watching. And a very ancient body that just wants to sleep ALL the time. I bet I’ve taken 5 hours worth of naps in the last 3 days. And still I am tired. And so, with all of that said…which sounds like a lot of hooey…Doll Week will march on. Randomly. I’ll get better at all of this. I will. I still have at least 3 doll posts in the hatcher. One of them is psychotic and worth a good nightmare.

Yesterday, during some of my waking hours, I took my daughter to the Organizer’s daughter’s birthday party. Watching people with no arm strength try to throw even a 6-lb bowling ball is a hoot in any culture. I fear that, at some grotesque moment, a child may forget to let go and that ball just takes them away. But then I realize that the ball they throw only rolls at 2.5 mph, so it’d be pretty easy to retrieve the child before they hit any pins. And if they did hit pins, at that speed, there’s little hope any of them would fall. My own daughter, who is 4, is spindly at best. She is the teensiest bit of nothing I have ever seen. I must learn how to mask the chortles that inevitably follow when she spikes the ball and it comes to a complete standstill 6 feet down the lane. This is funny to adults.  Not so much to a 4-yr-old. But we had a great time in spite of a total lack of strength and skill.

The best laugh of the day came when all of these tiny people were signing a bowling pin for the Birthday Girl to take home as a forever keepsake. I am posting the picture. You don’t need me to point out the awesomeness of this.

You are my dest frenb

These are kindergartners, most of them. Phonetic spelling comes and goes. Correcting them is unnecessary. If someone had corrected this little angel, I would have missed out on a moment I will remember for the rest of my life. I would have missed an honest glimpse back into childhood, into friendship, into the innocence that children have before the world smacks them around a time or two and takes that part away.  In that one moment, I relived a lifetime of dest frenbs and I still have that fuzzy feeling with me, 30 hours later. I’ve been blessed with the dest frenbs on the planet. Everybody should have one. And if you do, tell them without spell check. It won’t matter.

But don’t tell them on a bowling pin.
They might think that was weird.

3 thoughts on “Dest Frenbs

  1. You know what else dest frenbs do? Tell you about Justen Deevr. Then, on they way home from birthday parties, you say, “When Justen Deevr sings ‘Baby, Baby Oh’ it’s like he’s singing it just to me.” Then you go home and write stories like this:

    I ment Justen deevr. He was breemee. I askt if I Kood be His Grl Frend. I dated Him. We mared. We Had kids namd Molly and Mare. We seludrat Mollys drth day. The end.

    (All Justen Deevr comments do not represent the feelings of The Informinator or Mr. Informinator. Gag.)

  2. “dest frenbs” isne of the things I miss most when I was at the Academy. I loved when the kindergarteners wrote stories. Loved this blog.

  3. I love the bowling pin and I wish I had thought of that. I work all day long with these spellers, but they are still a treasure, and the ideas that come out of their little minds!
    I am a seat of the pants girl which makes the more picky people around me twitch. Is there an evil piece of me that actually enjoys watching people twitch, is it possible? I KNOW it will all come together and be a success, but for some odd reason the people around me get excited (not good excited) envisioning the disaster about to befall!
    Be kind to yourself, all bets are off when you have a sick child or a small child, or are just exhausted from four of all of the above!

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