Generic Ramblings

I am definitely unwell of mind and body. And in addition to that, I am supposed to be packing up three small children and heading to Tallahassee for my Uncle’s funeral tomorrow.There is no telling what sad conglomeration of clothing will limp into my duffle bag. It is highly probable that we will be either mismatched or completely inappropriate in some way. I am hopeful, though. Hopeful for better.

Do you like my new shades? Yes, you do. There’s only one answer to this question, so I will save you the nano-second you were going to spend in thinking on this one. These are awesome. This photo is self-taken, though I know it looks like I paid $100 sitting fee at a pretty nice studio.

Spies like us...

For only $25 more, I got a second pose.

Where's my Z-pak?

So, in light of the very obvious fact that I have literally not one interesting thought in my unwell head tonight, I will post my obituary for Blockbuster.

Blockbuster C. Movies was well-beloved by at least 26 people. He was old and full of years and movies. He could be seen with Little House on the Prairie or The Godfather. He liked to keep things interesting by promising no late fees but charging crazy high ones whenever he felt like it. He was preceded in death by Hollywood Video. There will be 4 little Snapp babies wearing black arm bands for 30 days and gripping their crinkled rewards cards in anger and bewilderment. Cause of death: Netflix.


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