In Training

For those of you who are serious runners, you recognize the signs of a person in training. You know when you have crossed paths with a person bent upon training, winning–swallowing glory whole.  Those of you not in this class of people may need just a few bullets to help you identify a Winner in Training, or WIT for short.

1. A WiT registers early for a race, thus making a commitment that starts in the heart and filters out into the last little puff of New Balance shoestring lint.

2. WiTs run at least 3 times over the course of 5 weeks to prepare for the race they registered early for. At least one of those three runs will be a “dress rehearsal” for the actual race and will be completed without dry heaving or knocking on a stranger’s door to beg for just a spatter of water.

3. When a WiT passes by a neighbor walking their dog or baby, they always run or bounce athletically in place while conversing a tad breathlessly. There is no stopping.The theme from Rocky is usually playing somewhere…

4. Weather is no object. A WiT accepts a rainy 42 degrees like it’s a hug from a leprechaun. (This is a good thing.)

5. If a Winner in Training passes by a wicker chair at the end of somebody’s driveway, sitting there…empty with purpose–with a small plastic bucket just perfect for a tiny little throw up–they will not ever sit down and throw up.
Even the thought is offensive.

I am training for the Gasparilla.
I have run twice.
If you see me doubled over at the waist, I got some new shoes. I like to look at them up close. The shoes are awesome.
That chair really exists.
Just to taunt me.