western waving

This is a quick wave from a wheat farm out west. Our travels have been crazy, lengthy, and blessed. God has gone with us every phase. This post is from my phone, and i have much to say when i get the  network password.

Today I will kill and pluck and fry a chicken. I will do it because it is an adventure. It is like the bungee jumping of a farm. The chicken is the jumper. I am the cord. It can’t end well. certainly not for the chicken. Probably not for me either. 

2 thoughts on “western waving

  1. Well, I know your fearless friend (leader) will take good care of you and the poor little roosters! It won’t be an experience you forget. Probably not an experience you should blog too much about, we wouldn’t want the PETA people harassing your fearless friend!

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