CBS now has a show called Dogs in the City. I mean it. I just saw the commercial. Dogs in the City, people. Set your DVRs. Right now. Stop reading and go set your DVR for Dogs in the City. You do NOT want to miss the episode with the white dog in that city. I think his owner walks him.

They are running out of ideas. Love in the Wild? I’d like to say Jenny McCarthy has seen better days, but she hasn’t. This is the best she can do.

I want to pitch a few ideas to them from out here in the country. They are obviously desperate, so I think I have a reasonable chance of getting one of these picked up:

  • Hot, sweaty kids with dirty fingernails
  • Chickens Plan a Coup.
  • Coup vs. Coop – Kuntry Spelling Bees
  • Redneck Fitness – Getting Fit with nothing but a field and some buckets
  • Watching Cletus – (daily binocular glimpses into the long haired dude’s life who makes smokers and welds things)
  • Kuntry Jogging Adventures – Send city lady running in the country and watch what happens. Something would. Every time. From pit bulls, to actual pits, this one has promise.
  • Bye Bye Roosters
  • Breaking the Mower – creative ways to destroy machines and never mow the lawn.

You can pitch your own ideas if you want, but you KNOW you’d watch some of those. If those don’t interest you, there’s always Dogs in the City. If you are reading this blog, your standards can’t be THAT high.

Actually, I have developed a weird History Channel Obsession. I like the show Mountain Men. It follows three tough dudes that live off the grid. Marty spends the winters in the middle of nowhere in Alaska. He’s an idiot, because it’s typically 50 below where he is. 50 below! That’s 50 below ZERO. I’d actually die, rather immediately, if it got 50 below 70. Tom lives in Montana and has grizzlies that come on his property. That would be a horrible way to go. And Eustace lives in Cherokee, NC. He’s just cool. And his name is Eustace.

I keep thinking of ideas for reality shows. I’ll be at this all night.

5 thoughts on “Blurbs

  1. I’m generally right in the middle of the reality show “sweaty kids with dirty fingernails”. You could probably add a show about trying to get work done outside while every pickup truck in the county lines up in your lane way for a beer and a chat because they saw your husband outside on a tractor or using a shovel.

  2. How about “General Boo-boos,” or “As the Clock Turns until 5:00.” We don’t even watch TV anymore at my house. I don’t know the titles of reality shows. Now, Preschool Survivor…I could watch me some of that.

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