You sly dog, you

Writing, writing, writing.
Oh, the writing.
The clock is ticking and I am in the thick of a deadline, loving every minute of it and trying not to waste time spinning unnecessary wheels. I’ve gotten some good advice over the last two weeks and some of it has perhaps saved me already.

Due to my needing to actually get work down, we moved out scary couches from the living room and moved in a small desk from upstairs. The living room is perhaps my favorite room in the house.  It’s not particularly charming, but it is flooded with natural light and it’s just a happy, cozy place to be.

And besides being well-lit, it is now the place where I am, which means it is often where my children want to be. I welcome this and we set them up a place doing this or that, when they want it. Sometimes they come in and color. Sometimes they play a computer game. Sometimes they put on music and shake their groove thangs.

Today it was Beloved and the Computer games. She wanted and she likes to listen to their songs, while singing along herself. As she was going to TOWN today, I realized that my Canon PowerShot was on my desk and Beloved was sitting on the other side of my desk. So like the sly dog I am, I set my camera on my computer, aimed at her, and started to record. She never knew I was taping. This is a little slice of our life and her personality. I could just snarf her up some days.

Besides the general preciousness of looking into the heart of a 4-year-old, there is a moment at the end that makes me laugh. I was trying to turn off the camera during a fake, explosive cough. Why I felt I had to conceal the powering OFF, I do not know. All I know for sure is that I did NOT power it off because I didn’t hit the button with enough force. So what we have is a badly orchestrated theatrical choking.

And a little girl who melts my heart. Completely.

4 thoughts on “You sly dog, you

  1. So great – she melted my heart, too. Hug her from a stranger in Texas… and don’t let daddy pet the dog!

  2. She is beautiful! Reminds me of “Where Is The Can”? I had to sneak around behind you and set up the tape recorder so you wouldn’t know. No such devices as video cameras in 1974!

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