Introducing Spemmangelo Snapp

That is one rockin’ name, I can tell you. I wish it were really mine.

Allow me to introduce you to the most extraordinary person living in my house right now.

It’s me.


But the honorable mention goes to Spemma.

Spemma is living with us for the summer. We are hoping to somehow secure her for life, (possession is 9/10 of the law) but have not yet figured a way to do that.  I know her birth parents will want visitation. We are willing to work something out with them, providing we can agree that We of Little College Funds (indian family name) do not have to put her through her remaining 2  years of college.

Whatever. That’s neither here nor there, really. It certainly is not the point of this blog. Not that it  has a point. You should know that right up front. It’s pointless. If you are strapped for time, just move on.

Spemma speaks spanish at garage sales, for which we were recently grateful. She also speaks some other strange languages that I am still attempting to learn so that we can communicate in the 30 minutes when she isn’t handing fried chicken. Here are a few recent examples:

“Probs” = Probably, though I did have to rule out the abbreviation for “problems”. Context has now proven this to be “probably.”

“Bob” – you, me, anyone. Everyone is named Bob.

“MaFa” – pronounced Mah-Fah. Short for Marriage and Family class. Hmm.

kkk – Does not seem to stand for Ku Klux Klan. Seems to be some sort of emphatic version of “OK.” Honestly, I have no idea. I’m very confused.

There are others. I will list them as they come to me.

At any rate, besides being multi-lingual and exceedingly interesting, Spemma is just pleasant to have around. It is hard to get past her pat answer of “My pleasure” when you thank her for a thankless task (she has obviously been brainwashed by her employees), but we are trying to believe that folding our underwear or washing a nasty plate with dried ketchup on it truly is her pleasure.

And speaking of pleasure, she brought home a little experiment tonight. And she made us try it.  And here it is.

And here’s a typical scene from the garage sale. If I could have gotten her off this couch, I might have sold it.

But probably not.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Spemmangelo Snapp

  1. I love when Chikfila workers say “My pleasure.” So pleasant. Could I PLEASE score my own live in teen/college person????!!!!!!!!

  2. I know her kind and I’m a little jealous, until they do that warchant at 11:11 that really freaks me out!

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