The Generation Gap

So tonight we took young Spemma to church with us. As we were sitting on the pew before church began, she ruffled Mama’s Boy’s hair and basically messed it up. And then a three way conversation commenced. The conversation was between Spemma (18), me (40), and Melissa (38).

Me: Hey. You are messing up his Robert Redford hair.
Spemma: Who is Robert Redford?
Me: What?! Who is Robert Redford? Come ON.
Me again: The Natural?
Spemma: The What?
Me: Oh, forget it. Horse Whisperer? No, you wouldn’t know that one.
Melissa: Oh, he was in a broadcast news movie with Michelle Pfeiffer somewhat recently. She might have seen that one.
Spemma: I don’t know who Michelle Pfieffer is, but I did watch a broadcasting movie one time.
Me: Oh, for crying out loud. You don’t know who Michelle Pfieffer is either?
Melissa: I’m going back to my bench where I don’t feel so old.