When in doubt, post pictures.

Well, I have applied for, interviewed for, researched, been offered, and accepted a contract writing job. It is an ebook, for people younger than you. I’d like to tell you more, but I signed a contract which enables sharp shooters to legally take you out and leave a tag on your toe in the morgue if I so much as utter a word in my sleep about what I’m writing. The CIA is so picky about things.


I’m so stupid.

I did sign a document. But I don’t think there was any death mentioned. Kinda hoping not. Maybe prison. But by July 15, when I finish this thing, I may be so tired that prison will be a sweet relief of linen stripes and chicken broth.

I’m excited.

I do not intend to dump my blog. I have big plans for it. I believe my blog is somewhat responsible for my getting this job. So yet another shout out to the Informinator and that poor man I’m married to. Poor, poor man. He loves me in spite of myself.

So be patient with me, if you can find it in your heart to care just a little. And here are a few pictures that warm my heart from a recent day of failed kite flying at a local park. Notice there are no kite pictures. That’s because Snapps can’t fly kites. In our family Coat of Armor, there is a picture of a kite on the ground. Adjacent to that picture is one of a kite in a tree. Aaah, so what.

Nothing like letting your street urchins run around in a large cat litter box with no shoes on. Good one, Missy.

I like the look of glee on the face of Snugglemonkey in this one.

You can’t really tell this, but Snugglemonkey is gripping her sister in a the precursor for a Full Nelson. And while Beloved is still smiling, she is trying with all her might to pry her sister’s Kung Fu grip from her back.

No loss of love, though.

This is deceptively sweet looking.

And sometimes a weird kid with Cheeto mouth shows up and ruins everything.
Good times. Good times.

4 thoughts on “When in doubt, post pictures.

  1. Good luck with the ebook, I’m sure it will be great! And if not, maybe the audience is so young they won’t know the difference 😉 (Kidding, of course. It will be great.)

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