Get Your Cheer On, Doll Fans

Feeling a little underwhelmed today? No worries. Here’s a little message from Cheer Baby.

Yeehawwww! Wahoooo!

What in the world is she saying? Susan’s remarks made me laugh and then I listened to the cheer about 8 more times. I think she is saying:

Munchkins say, “How-de-do!”
We are here to cheer for you.
Yeehawwww! Wahoooo!

It’s really the only nice cheer she has. The rest of them involve taking people down in vicious, awkward ways…

2 thoughts on “Get Your Cheer On, Doll Fans

  1. Hmm…the best I can come up with is “We are here to camper you!” Too bad that doesn’t make any sense. I have to hand it to her though, I would NOT sound that cheery after being punched in the stomach seven times.
    Ok, after watching it one last time to count how many times she got punched I think I figured it out! “We are here to cheer for you!” Which is almost just like “We are here to camper you!”

  2. I’m not sure we had dolls that talked in my day. I never had one at least. We had “Betsy Wetsy” who would wet her pants after she was given water! My last doll was a Toni doll to whom you could give a perm if you wished. I didn’t give her a perm ==just cut her hair!

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