Ad Nauseum

You know how Google tries to guess what you are wondering as you begin to type a question into the Search field? Have you ever taken note of its guesses? Today I quizzed it, to see what the most popular questions are. Here are a few of my favorites:

When you type the word “Is” into the Search field, the very first topic to come up is: “Is Justin Bieber gay?” This is followed by “Is Santa Real?” and “Is Kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler?” I did not make any of that up. Not one word.

“Why” renders the immediate guesses that I want to know why the sky is blue, why does it snow, why do men cheat, and why do cats purr. Beats me.

“What” brings up:

  • What is my IP?
  • What does my name mean?
  • What is Lent?
  • What not to wear

If you should take the What not to Wear bait, it will not further advise you about what actually not to wear. You just get caught in an endless spiral down the tube of bad television arm pit stank.

Type in “What caused” and you’ll get:

  • What caused the Great Depression?
  • What caused the Civil War?
  • What caused the Solar System to form a disk?
  • What caused World War I?
  • What caused a dip in the population in 1918? Who knew THAT was a hot topic? Did you? I clicked the topic. Apparently there was a major Flu pandemic that year. I should type less and read more.

Ah, well. Fun with Google. Sorry, buddy. You didn’t read MY mind today. Maybe next time.

Once I got that ridiculousness out of my system and went back to laundry, I came upon the sweetest little accidental burrito. She was watching a movie, until her eyelids overcame her.

It isn’t often that I come upon a sleeping babe in the daylight when the light is soft. I didn’t edit these at all, except to add the black border on a few.

I had access to the Snappshots baby doll, A.K.A “Babe”, so I decided to have a little bit of fun with her. I found the next one kind of funny.

And some more…

And having a little look-see…

And now Babe is tired and going to rest a bit herself.

Creepy is the new Awesome.

And we’ll finish up this little nugget with Mamasboy’s response to hearing what dinner was tonight. This is not posed. He was real mad I took it. And he ate that Cuban food just fine, after he got over himself. Crazy good times.

Carry on.

One thought on “Ad Nauseum

  1. Google allows me to type just a few letters and then it shows me how words are spelled. If only I could implant it in my brain…..
    I find the doll creepy as well, but I did like the picture where it is standing looking at L, but then, that’s even more creepy. I need to find the episode of Night Gallery where the dolls came to life and were evil…it changed my poor little life right then and there.

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