Dear Louisiana – Facebook Statuses

I have found a very cool tool. I don’t know if I can recommend it, because enough time needs to pass for me to see that men in black will not show up at my door with guns or that some seedy hacker hasn’t just now stolen every last bit of personal information I have. But my guess is that it’s all okay and I found a tool that hooks me up with all of my old Facebook status updates. I wanted to see what I had said about Louisiana.

6/23/2009 — continuing to write congressmen to get Louisiana to secede from the nation and am singing “the stars at night are big and bright”…clap, clap, clap, clap…

6/28/2009 — I’m boning up for her return fight with Louisiana. This time, I’m armed and ready.

6/30/2009 –I have  come to a place of acceptance with the unchanging hazards of Louisiana and am home at last.

7/23/2010 — Safely and happily in Austin. With NEWS TO REPORT. Hear this: We made it through Louisiana WITHOUT INCIDENT for the first time. EVER. I may have some love in my heart for that state after all…

8/3/2010 —  Home. Scarred slightly more than last year, but nothing a little plastic surgery won’t cover up. Oh, and BY THE WAY, Louisiana can eat rocks FOR GOOD. I don’t have time or energy to describe the new ways in which that state managed to ruin lives this time around. Really. I will not forgive this time. It’s over. Feud is back on to the death.

I do wonder what this summer will bring. It’s now a part of the game.

2 thoughts on “Dear Louisiana – Facebook Statuses

  1. This tool intrigues me, I will wait to see how you fare before I try it….or find out from The Informinator if it’s safe.

  2. Wow, you are really serious about your relationship with Louisana. I don’t think I have enough energy to be that serious about a state. Guess in Colorado we talk that way about specific highways on mountain passes, kind of like glory badges. For example, everyone has a story about Rabbit Ears Pass, east of Steamboat Springs. Literally everyone! Was stuck there, 5 jackknifed trucks in 10 foot high snow bank, hit a mountain lion, car was buried by a snow plow, broadsided by a snow plow truck, windshield broken by a snow plow truck, wrecked in the wake of a snow plow truck, ran off the road by a crazy Louisana driver (that one is not true, she was from Texas!) and so on…..

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