Just barely a blogger and already being threatened…

Dear Reader,

The pressure I’m feeling from all of you is just enormous. Kill the doll. Keep the doll. Dress the doll up like Shirley Maclaine and play light as a feather. Show me your kids. Don’t show me your kids. Show me your kids but never say the word vomit. Don’t talk about anything that comes out of the body, even if that is sold gold coins or Diet Mtn. Dew that falls from your eyes like tears.

And though I now have the sweats (telling you this is violating one of those rules up there) from it all, I did receive a bit of threatening advice that I intend to adhere to. I received the following email from The Informinator:

If you EVER add music to your blog and make it play automatically every time you click on something, the Informinator will leave the building.

I went to THREE different blogs today that did that.

Decision made. New categories coming. No music. I’m sorry. I am forced to make a choice. Without the Informinator, I am nothing.

6 thoughts on “Just barely a blogger and already being threatened…

  1. I was ok with the baby doll until you started talking about killing it. I mean, it was creepy and all floating there like that, but interesting nonetheless.

  2. Ugh, I agree! The fastest way to get me to leave a blog is to play music automatically, even if it’s playing my most favorite song in the world. I’m actually a little annoyed just thinking about it.

  3. if the music is a choice, it’s okay, cause some bands have to have their music on their site, otherwise their website is useless. but if you’re not a band, or if you demand that i hear the music until i can find the button that shuts it up, then yes, that’s a problem.

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