Remember that little dedication to runners I did a few days ago? What was that even? It’s like a large and very necessary portion of my brain just rotted and fell out through my ears, because instead of training for the Gasparilla 5K, I’m now in training for the Tostitos ChipsnSalsathon. And the way things are going, I have a shot at winning this one.

The only running I have done in the last 8 days is away from my 3 year old. (She can be very scary, and right now she has a snotty nose, which creates an adhesive on both cheeks and scary things stick to her. If you see her coming, the smart thing is to run.)

Seems sort of self-deprecating to announce to blog readers everywhere that I just stood at the table and ate leftover Taco Bell chips with the bottom of a jar of Tostitos restaurant salsa. But when I photographed and then posted my laundry situation, suddenly it got done and a path was carved into and through the scary room (this room is not unlike the toddler in the house…frightening, but with the potential to be quite charming). I gave myself a week to work through the house. Now I’m looking at the salsa/poptart/whatever is sitting on the table disorder that I’ve developed and wondering if you can help me through it. I wonder if by posting my problem, it will suddenly go away. Wouldn’t that be super awesome?

So the Gasparilla is in 2 weeks. And I’m running in it even if I have to stop at 150 Dixie Cup water stations and be dragged across the finish line by a hard body. Even if it’s 42 degrees and raining, like it was last year (no way did I go last year!). And so as I did with the laundry, I am challenging myself to see if I can end the madness. I want to lose 5 pounds and run it in 31 minutes or less. Unfortunately, that 5 pounds is not going to be part of the original 15 I was going for. That will just be the new 5 I gained tonight eating chips and salsa.

But no matter. Let’s do this thang.


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