If I am going to post most weekdays, which is my current intention, I need not pretend that I have 5 days worth of stuff to tell. Some weeks, I do.  But there will be times I just keep it short and sweet.

At any rate, I feel I should apologize to the greater Tampa Bay area. It is my mockery of past treatments of tropical storms that caused the last 48 hours to occur. I believe it is called Karma. Mine is bad. I scoffed at the news reports, daring Colin to do his best. Well, he did. He wasn’t bluffing. I woke up from a dead sleep at 12:30 with my eyes WIDE OPEN and could not believe the show. Lightning, thunder, howling wind, and rain coming down in the sheets so thick it didn’t look like Earth anymore. It was the stuff of sci-fi. I was up a lot last night. Up again at 5, as were some very chatty girls. When they finally got back to sleep at 5:45, as the storm raged on, I decided that their college careers wouldn’t be stunted by taking a Tuesday off from elementary school and we all went back to bed. That was sweet sleep.

Lilian wasn’t able to go back to sleep. This is a new place, new people, new weather for her. She laid in bed and listened to it.

Tonight at dinner, the kids were acting like they were making audition tapes for military school. I said something about what Lilian must really think of us and what she’d go back saying.

“She’s going to tell everyone she stayed with some really weird people,” Todd said.

“I think she’s going to use a stronger word than weird,” I replied.

“Like stupid?” Andrew chimed in.

“Yes, that was more what I was thinking,” I answered. And Lilian, mimicking what she might say to her family back home said this:

“You should meet the psychopathic people I stayed with.”

Boom. Nailed it.

It isn’t often that a person whose first language is not English can call you psychopathic and be 100% accurate in her usage. Well played. Dutch people got it going on. Some Americans, not so much.


One thought on “Labels

  1. Ok…..well, I met the perfect Dutch girl, and she seemed to be fitting in perfectly with the weirdness……..just saying……….

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