How I Prepare for Tropical Storms

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 12.32.42 AM

Tropical Storm Colin is coming. He’s a coming for us,┬ábaby. They talked about canceling school, which would be the worst idea ever since we already have a last day of school that is a full two weeks past every other American. They are talking about sandbags in my fair city.

There are no bananas to be found in grocery stores, except for the dark green ones that were picked about a month before they were ripe. I know this because I have a bunch of those green ones sitting on my counter. If we decide to bite into one of those bad boys, we may chip a tooth.

Aside from buying this week’s groceries and green bananas, we didn’t do much to prepare.


Because I’ve been down this road before. On a bike. So today, in honor of my past glories, I will just link to how I used to prepare for the tropics and maybe it’ll make more sense that now I just do nothing. Honestly, I think we’re all better off if I just stay home and watch it rain.