What the world really needs more of is George Zimmerman. I was hoping to watch a dude gain weight on a daily basis as I heard more about racial slurs. If his trial was shot with stop action photography, you’d be able to watch him get fatter as the trial progressed. I’m guessing jail food is not as bad as they say…

As tired as I am of George Zimmerman, I’m even more weary of racial slurs and the media blitz about them. I would go as far as to say that most of them people whining right now use the words they are whining over. I mean, the news this morning is all about Trayvon Martin calling Zimmerman a cracker before he got shot. Cracker is horrible? When did that become horrible? The answer is, yesterday. No one knows the real meaning of it or the origin. But if you use it, you’re a racist. Better go get yourself a real lawyer and start eating twinkies.

Moment of silence for the twinkie, please. Miss those things.

Call me a cracker and I’ll call you a sandwich. See how stupid this is?  I’m fine with cracker. I like to eat them. They are salty. And crunchy.

I don’t even like Paula Deen and I think what has been done to her is deplorable. We are a sick society looking to crucify the very people we idolized 5 minutes before. And the ones slaying her in the media are probably vile, vile people. More vile than Paula will ever be. Her main mistake was being too honest. I think that’s sad.

I just made my kids tacos for lunch. Fresh. It’s the only time this summer I’ll feel proud of our lunch, so I decided to post it. Of course, Squishy Knickers stuck with chicken nuggets. She is missing a few connections in her brain that link her to refined eating.

My upstairs sounds like the kids are running a saw mill from 1922. Don’t worry, they aren’t. I don’t even let them read books about sharp machinery. It’s the sound of three kids skating on very old wood floors. We inherited 3 pairs of skates and it just happened to fit the three youngest kids PERFECTLY. As I listen to the skating, watch the skating, worry over the skating, and protect my flip-flopped feet, I have waffled between “send thank you note” and “infest her house with live crickets” to the person who gave us the skates. Mostly I’m grateful. And if there is anyone to blame, it is me. I said, “YES! We’ll take them!” to a Facebook post. That’s what I get for taking a short break from Edward Snowden and getting on Facebook.


I bet the government already knew I was getting the skates…


5 thoughts on “Ridonkulous

  1. Btw, Edward Snowden is looking for a place to stay. Maybe a few months at your house? He has his own skates……likes tacos…..and is not a racist…….

  2. The “Amens” are to Missy’s post – not Uncle Cletus’ suggestion that Edward Snowden stay at her house! Unless she wants him to. Amen.

  3. A cracker comes from the name of the whites who whipped the black slaves as punishment. Learned that last night. Based on the the “crack” of the whip apparently.
    So no, I don’t like that so much as when I thought it was because I am the color of a saltine.

    I don’t know what I think about Paula Deen, Apparently she also was thinking it would be cute to have wedding guests served by only blacks dressed as slaves and thought her brother looking at porn at work was just what guys do. She is adorable and sweet and you won’t find me joining in casting stones, but maybe she shouldn’t be in charge of a money making empire?

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