From the mouths of babes

Today we went to a trampoline arena. It was far and away better than anything in my locality. There were slides with tubes, dodge ball arenas, and lots and lots of really cool trampolines. My mother in law asked me if I was jumping. It’s like she just met me.

I jumped.

Like a fiend.

Like a middle aged woman should not jump.

I was feeling okay about myself and my decisions. It was going pretty well. About 3/4 of the way into our 2-hour stint, I lugged a tube up the ramp for my 5 year old daughter and then ran back down the ramp to the bottom. As I was jogging back down that ramp, an odd little boy–maybe 8 years old–looked straight at me and said, “You run faster than my grandma.”


Many responses went through my head in that moment.

Thank you? Where’s your grandma, sonny, I can take her… Can your grandma do THIS??

I wonder if his grandma falls off of treadmills…