I have become this person.

It’s probably worth noting, because it adds to the insanity, that I moved my car AND sat on my butt in the yard to shoot this photo at just the right angle for the antlers. Prior to the moved car and butt-in-yard, the antlers were getting lost in the trees. Much like an actual hunt, I imagine.

27 Days until Christmas. Do you have your Car Reindeer Kit? Just embrace it. Trust me.

7 thoughts on “I have become this person.

    1. Well, your Mom’s response was “I have a question. What do potatoes have to do with a car reindeer kit?” Hence, my question.

  1. Holiday tunes, OK. Caroling unsuspecting persons on the phone…a stretch. But this? NO. If I was hitchiking halfway between nowhere and somewhere and you drove up in this getup, I’d hide my thumb.

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