Brains that don’t work normally

I have problems processing information through certain filters. Most people have a “that’s insane” filter that I struggle with. Even when a person who DOES have the insanity filter points out my own insanity, I still struggle to accept, or even recognize, what they are saying is insane.

Let’s set that aside for a moment.

I’ve been trying to lose 2oish pounds for 6 years now. Beloved came along and I gained the typical 18-25 pounds. Just as I was killing my gum-chewing habit and getting back on track, I found out there was going to be a fourth child. Beloved was bald headed and 9.5 months old when this news came. So I added the typical 18-25 baby pounds to the never-lost other baby pounds. And now I’ve just grown used to the whole thing.

I’ve had some minor successes over the years. These have become trapped under the more significant failures. I did well while on vacation a few weeks ago. But then I came home and ate Twinkies (stop judging) and Pringles (you love Pringles. You know you do.), as if I was trying to gain 8 pounds for a movie role.

But now, a new day is dawning. A day without Twinkies. A day where the Pringles are reserved for the children only. A day where water is imbibed.

And, a day with a long bike ride. 12 miles. I know that in the world of extreme sports, 12 miles is not a long ride. But when you’ve been living a Twinkie-laced lifestyle, a person with an insanity filter might question starting out at 12 miles. I have been questioned by the Informinator already. Her insanity filter works very well.  She didn’t actually tell me it was crazy. She just asked the question. Are you sure? Should you work up to? Do you know what you’re doing? Yes. No. Yes.


If I live through it, I’ll write later. If I don’t live through it, this will be a very awkward final blog.

I love everyone.

You guys are great.

All 18 of you.

Love Jesus. Live right. Wear a helmet.

8 thoughts on “Brains that don’t work normally

  1. I am certain YOU can make it. My only worry is the vehicles that are not kind to cyclists. It is an Earth-epidemic. I know of it all too well as my friend has an international education and legislative campaign, 3FeetPlease, to make it a law for vehicle drivers to give cyclists a three-foot buffer. So, do your 12 miles. We will cheer you on from our respective couches/seats. But please do be super cautious out there. We want more blogs. We want your family to have you as long as God deems your job here is not done. Hoorah!

  2. I hope you realize that 12 miles out means 24 miles round trip. : ) You scare sometimes. Do you have a will?

  3. go for it, and for starters, you must give up all desserts and potato chips! anything fried will not do it. good luck! 12 miles sounds fine to me. just remember folks on the rural roads, especially, aren’t watching for bikes!

  4. You can’t do it………………………………………………….I know that the slogan of today is “just do it,”…………………..but I know you, and the truth is, you can’t do it.

  5. You go girl! Think of the little engine that did it…..and say to yourself….I can do it, I can do it, I can do it….etc…then when you get home jump (if you still can – I only say this because I know if I rode a bike for 12 miles jumping would be the last thing on mind!!) anyway…as you are jumping with joy say I DID IT! I DID IT !! I DID IT!!! I DID IT!!!! then treat yourself to a healthy cool snack. Grapes, apples and cheese, or even better a low fat/low carb ice cream – trust me they are great – and I am an ice cream connoisseur who is now diabetic!

  6. Are you ever going to tell them you never made it out of the driveway because you had a flat tire? They deserve to know.

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