eat more chikin

I hate being wrong.
I especially hate being outspelled.
And I really, REALLY hate being outspelled by certain people.

I have been called on the carpet for my spelling of coup in the term chicken coup. The funny thing about it is, I always spelled it “coop” until a person I deemed at least my intellectual equal, but quite possibly smarter, spelled it “coup.” I didn’t even research it. I just automatically changed my spelling of the word. Oh, dumb farm girl. Why? Why would you do that without so much as a single Google search? You, dumb farm girl, are an ENGLISH MAJOR. Spelling “coop” is what you do.

And I was corrected by a friend who will always misspell “definitely” under pressure. It’s ITE, not ATE.

It just goes to show one thing: don’t trust Facebook comments for your spelling guidance. And if you can’t spell coop, you shouldn’t have one. This is perhaps what I am taking away from this. I have roosters that have learned to carry weapons. I can’t turn on the hose without almost dislocating my eyeballs with a fierce stream of sprinkler water. And I can’t spell “coop.”


The good news is, the roosters are going to auction. One week from Saturday.

Trust me, that will be worth a report.

Remember, it’s coop. And definitely. Definitely coop.

7 thoughts on “eat more chikin

  1. I guess I will show my ignorance and say that I thought roosters had an important part in the process, the success that you are seeking…? And you are getting rid of yours…even speaking quite harshly about them. And I need eggs, btw.

    1. Roosters are an important part of creating BABY CHICKENS. They are not part of getting eggs. Back to basics, Uncle Clete. The chickens will happily lay without the angry beasts…

  2. If it makes you feel better, I didn’t even notice your coop faux pas. (And I had to google faux pas to make sure I didn’t misspell it, hah!)

  3. so which is it? coop or coup? i am a pretty good speller, but showing my ignorance here! i have 3 egg cartons, btw!

  4. I noticed, but gave you the benefit of the doubt, thinking that maybe your chickens had a 2-door car, and that coup was the french spelling of coupe. Or some such nonsense.

  5. Oh, you funny girl!
    I will always ALWAYS call you for spelling help, certainly before checking Google.

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