Cheetah Dreamers

Yesterday morning, I awakened in a cold sweat. I had been dreaming. What time is it even? It was 5:15 a.m. Ah. that means I have another lifetime to sleep before I have to get up. I should have felt good about this, but the nature of the dream and the resulting cold sweat robbed me of this 11th-hour hunker.

In the dream, I had already dropped the 3 school-aged children at school and had moved on to MOSI. I was frantically looking for a lunchbox I  had left there when on a recent field trip with my fourth grader. Each MOSI staffer that I met would send me on to the next person.

“Oh, yes”, they would say…”we’ve seen that spiderman lunchbox. Why are you using a spiderman lunchbox at your age, ma’am?”
And I would move on. But I could never find it. They had all seen it and no one would lead me to it.

Suddenly, I looked at my watch. 9:04 a.m. OH would ya look at that? I was supposed to be at the school BEFORE 8:45 for my 2nd grader’s field trip! I panicked.

Paralyzed by my own panic and knowing that my 2nd grader was now loaded on a bus twice as panicked as I was, I tried to think about the fastest way to get to school. MOSI is maybe 1.5 miles from school. Well, obviously running is the fastest way to remedy this situation.

So I took off running. Sprinting like a stiff breeze. Running so fast. Then I began to heave a lot and stop for breath. Why can I not even be agile and athletic in my dreams? They are MY dreams!

When I began to wear out and was almost unable to continue, I stopped again to consider my options. This is when my college degree kicked in. Cheetahs are much faster than humans. So I dropped onto all fours and began running like a cheetah.

In the dream, I did not move like a real cheetah. I moved like an exhausted human imitating a cheetah and failing miserably.

Then I realized it was just a dream and forced myself awake. The day was still fresh before me. My 2nd grader was not upset.  And I was left with only one scar: the knowledge that I am woefully out of shape, even in my dreams.


2 thoughts on “Cheetah Dreamers

  1. I am thinking that you get your cheetah instincts through your genes, in particular, me. I am referring to soccer days at UF. I’ll have to tell you about that sometime; or the records are likely to be found on-line.

  2. Haha! I love the new picture. They look so grown up, it’s scary. Sorry about your cheetah-running issues.

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