I just saw a commercial for knee replacement surgery. Sometimes circles just make sense, they said. So make sure to get a circle fake knee. is the website, in case you find yourself suddenly needing major joint replacement surgery. The whole thing was so weird that I found myself needing to blog, just to make sure some part of the regular world was still there.

I have been reflecting on things other than knees for a few days now. Today is May 21 (in case you didn’t know that). It is the 11 year anniversary of the happiest phone call I’ve ever gotten. It was our caseworker telling us we had a son. Usually people know they have a son without someone telling them. But our boy was hidden from us until the very last second.

It is 10:58 p.m. Exactly 11 years ago tonight, I was in Walmart with a friend. Todd was at the friend’s house, with her husband. We were both undone. We were purchasing things we figured new parents need, like diapers and receiving blankets and a single outfit to put a child in. A kid needs at least one outfit.

I was in that 24-hr Walmart until after midnight. At that point, I went home and cleaned my house until almost 3. I will never forget staring at my ceiling in wonder. Wondering how it could be that my son was waiting in a hospital 2 hours north. How it could be that the next day our lives would change so drastically. How it could be that people with absolutely no experience with a baby could come home with one without some sort of license. Wondering how I’d ever get to sleep.

I finally did.

And in that 11 years, with 3 extra blessings added, I’ve gotten about 6.5 hours of sleep. And it’s been well worth it.

2 thoughts on “Reality

  1. and what a special day it was for us all–although i didn’t get my call til the morning of the 22nd. hard to believe this 11 year old boy is the same one who used to cry when taking his bottles, projectile vomit all over whoever or whatever was in range–then flash that dimple and smile because he felt so much better! what a joyful time.

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