Dear Beloved…

Today is Beloved’s 5th birthday. When I have more energy, I will offer up the sordid glob of details regarding Small Child Bowling Parties. Oh, the carnage. For now, I will stick with the sweeter side of things.

My Dearest Light,

Tonight you are sleeping in your brother’s room, while your oldest brother is at camp. You and Mama’s Boy have always been little peas in a quirky little pod. We call you the twins. I very much enjoy watching you two together.

Today marks the 5th anniversary of your entrance into a world that was certainly darker before you got here. Your name means light and you are one. You have always been one. I don’t think I do a good enough job expressing to you all the things that make you special. It is easy to look around at the other three kids in the house and wonder what makes YOU stand out. What makes YOU every bit as lovable and fabulous as they are.

Though words are somewhat cheap, I will at least try to tell you just a few of the things that make you special and then I will let the pictures speak for all of us.

When you walk into a room, the room is energized. Your eyes smile like no pair of eyes I have ever seen. You are not usually the one telling the jokes, but you are the best audience for a comedian of anyone ever. You cackle at Mama’s Boy’s jokes even when I don’t want you to. (We shouldn’t always encourage the bad ones, you know.) Your laugh is, hands down, my very favorite sound on earth. There is a tenderness in your brown eyes that I could drown in if I were a fan of drowning. You are free with your words and your praise. And though I sometimes don’t want to know what everyone thinks of me, your honesty is one of the best things in life.

You were sent to save me in a darker time of life. You were sent to save all of us. And you have. I am thankful daily to the God who made you so wonderful. And I’m thankful also to you.

I love you every day. Every hour. Every moment.

Happy Birthday.


2 thoughts on “Dear Beloved…

  1. Today I got to see just how Mama’s Boy and Beloved are two peas. Amazing. They cracked each other up like crazy. So cute.

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