We are way off schedule around here. We were out until 10:30 last night with fireworks. The kids slept this morning until almost 9 (unheard of, I can assure you with documentation). Then, we brunched, which threw off the meal schedule. I received an important phone call from my unpaid editor and talked for awhile to her about the ebook that has not progressed much in the last 4 days. At 2, we looked up and realized we were still looking like we had just rolled out of bed and we hadn’t yet fixed lunch. So we fixed lunch, made orange sherbet/orange soda floats, did not improve our appearances at all.

We finally left the house at 3 to go run errands. At 5 we were back and doing this and that when Mama’s Boy said, “Mama, I want to talk to AG. Can we call him?” I said, “No, buddy. He doesn’t have a phone this week. We aren’t supposed to call him.” Mama’s Boy was not to be deterred that easily. “But Mr. Jay has a phone. And we know his number, too. So call him. Ask to speak to AG.”

Oh dear. By this point, I could tell we were not just having a passing “I miss my brother” conversation. We were entering crisis mode. I sat down on the stairs with him and pulled him up into my lap as he crumpled into huge, mournful sobs. Over and over again he said, “I miss AG. I want him to come home now.”

I know, boy. I do, too. Come HOME. 5 minutes ago. Stupid summer camps.

Just kidding.

This scene both filled my heart and broke it all at once.

I did what any mother in my position would have done. I bought his happiness with a $1 bag of dark green army men from DEAL$. It worked. I’m sure AG would have preferred it take something more exotic or expensive. But for my sake, I’m glad it didn’t.


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