Q and A about this and that

I started a 30 day hugging experiment a good week before the bottom fell out of normal life. I was 23 hugs and 12 days into a whole new lifestyle, which I planned to follow with a pretty kicking blog. I had begun to write it already. It started like this:

If I go down with the dreaded Coronavirus, I’m going down hugging.

If that was appropriate when I wrote it (and it probably wasn’t), it certainly isn’t anymore. My timing has always been a little off.

On Day 12 of the 30 Day Hugging Challenge, I stopped wearing my “I need a hug” t-shirt and went inside to figure out how to be a homeschool mom.

In the meantime, I’ve watched the news a few times, gone to the grocery store a bunch, and thought about what I should be enforcing, doing, or saying in the midst of this brittle and unfamiliar new life.

What do you say during the coronavirus?

I can’t give advice. I’m not qualified to do that. There’s already a metric ton of advice out there, from finding peace in pandemic to successfully socially distancing. Besides, who’s going to want advice from someone who started a hugging challenge during a pandemic? Sheesh.

I could try to build and post a playlist, but I could never top Rita Wilson’s Quarantunes on Spotify. But there is Dancing Queen by Abba. Everyone should listen to that once a day for the rest of their lives regardless.

I could say I feel fantastic and that I don’t fear the Coronavirus. But that doesn’t mean a gazillion other people aren’t sick and scared and have every reason to be. Usually my lack of fear is anchored in ignorance anyway. My sense of brash rebellion is a little like my timing. It’s usually off.

If there are answers to be had, they aren’t had by me. And since I don’t have any answers, I’ve decided instead to write out the questions that are running through my mind daily and flying at me through the mouths of my kids. And I’ll try to answer my questions my way. I would never presume that my questions and answers are anyone else’s. These are mine.

What if the kids are out of school for the rest of this school year? What will we do then?

We will manage. And we will readjust until we are adjusted. If we don’t post it on social media, no one will know how bad we are screwing it up anyway. On the bright side, there are no more “did I wash her uniform heart palpitations” on Monday morning at 6 a.m.

What if my high school senior doesn’t get to walk across the graduation stage? What if graduations are cancelled?

I will use Colgate to brush the bitter taste of disappointment from my mouth and get over it. He’ll still graduate. And they’ll do something to make it special. It was never about me and won’t become about me in the cancellation, either. But shoot, if I won’t stamp around in the backyard a little tantrumatically if this is the case. I have aged tremendously over the years in getting the boy to do his homework.

What if I don’t get to go on my Disney cruise over the summer?

People survive without Disney cruises. I don’t know how, but they do. And I will, too, if I must.

What if we are ordered to shelter in place for a month or more?

Then we will. We will follow the rules. Without complaining. And we’ll eat dinner around our dining room table together because there’s nowhere else to be. And we’ll play Chase the Ace and Life and Phase 10. And we’ll watch the list of movies we made that we never had time for. And we’ll sit out by the river and watch boaters go by wearing masks, whether for coronavirus or pollen I can’t say. And we’ll appreciate the time when we could go anywhere. And we’ll appreciate the time we can go nowhere. The key is to appreciate.

What do I do when I’m missing my friends but can’t be with them?

Facetime them. Go stand on a socially distant x in their front yard. Write them a note. Connect. You don’t have to wallow in their sneeze droplets to connect.

What do I do with all my extra time?

Something. We have to do something. Find the names of people we know in the hospitals, whose families can’t visit, and write them. Call them. Pray for them.
Put down the CNN app or Instagram and pick up my Bible.
Set up a Zoom with the high school girls from church.
Bake. Fail at baking. Eventually succeed at baking.
Find ways to connect with my kids.
Play a board game. Win the board game. If you don’t win, continue playing
until you have won. Make sure others congratulate you on your win.
Go outside.

What if by stripping away every activity and every thing we thought we needed to be happy we become actually, sincerely happy?

Yes, what if that.

This was the view I had when I looked up last night. I find it comforting that the sun still rises and sets in brilliant displays.

3 thoughts on “Q and A about this and that

  1. Missy. Splendid post. However, you forgot to mention one activity at which you excel above all others – cooking that bit of heaven on earth known as “Missy’s Famous Chicken Pot pie!” Thank you! Don

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  2. For some reason, I can not press the like button on anyone’s blogs! I loved this and you are a better person than I am. It would depend on what kid for the HS graduation, but I am still struggling with so much of this. One day is good and then the next, I slide backward. Maybe I will just break this out when I am feeling like I want to scream. xo

  3. Yes, indeed.
    …what if that.

    I think you are finding your “‘nitch” with your blog snappshots. Hugs n’ blessings upon you for striving to find the rhythm to this life of blogging.

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