The Seven Others

Everyone is talking about Kobe Bryant’s tragic death.
I guess I am, too. Sort of.
I understand it. He was a legend. An icon. A household name. Larger than life. Until he wasn’t alive.
Two days ago he was alive. Now he isn’t. And it doesn’t matter that he was in top physical condition and could dunk a basketball from half court. Fog can kill giants, too.

The Kobe Bryant story made me sad. It made my son sad, as he walked down the stairs on Sunday afternoon to tell me about it–a full hour before CNN reported the news. It made me sad that Vanessa Bryant lost a husband AND a child. That her older daughter lost her sister and her father. That their 7-month-old baby won’t know her dad at all. That their 3-year-old is probably asking for him and her sister on repeat.

But that’s not the story that really got me in this tragedy.

What struck me was the seven others on board. Seven other indispensable, deeply-loved people. Seven other giants.

I’ve heard the media refer to them as the “seven others on board.” I understand this was more about responsible reporting than it was dismissive. There were next of kin to be notified and facts to sort out. But something about the way it was worded pulled me in.
The crash claimed the lives of Kobe and Gianna Bryant and seven others on board.

I wish I hadn’t researched those seven others. I wish I didn’t know who they were and who they had left behind. And because I talk too much, some of you will read this and perhaps, like me, wish you could go back to mourning only the basketball icon.

Christina Mauser was a 38-year-old assistant coach with a husband, Matt, and 3 children, ages 3, 9, and 11, at home. They knew their mom was leaving. They knew when she’d be coming home. And now they know a completely different set of facts that they can’t untangle or climb out from under. They miss their mom. She wasn’t known by the world. But she was their world.

Sarah and Payton Chester were a mom and daughter duo, with two teen boys and a Mr. Chester that also expected to get some texts about how the tournament went. Maybe some pictures. And an ETA about when they were headed back to Newport Beach.

The pilot, Ara Zobayan, was highly trained. Highly trustworthy. Highly requested by celebrities. But no one is immune to zero visibility. Sometimes the weather takes no prisoners. So little has been said about the pilot, but he had a family, too. A tribe that would trade anything to have him back.

And then there was the Altobelli family. John, Keri, and Alyssa. A community college baseball coach, and his wife, accompanying their 13-year-old daughter to her game with Kobe Bryant’s more famous daughter. When I read about them, I closed my eyes and wished with all my heart for Alyssa to be an only child. Because this was 3 family members going down on the same helicopter.
Alyssa was not an only child.
She had a sister named Lexi, who probably had things to do on a Sunday, and a grown brother working for the Red Sox in Boston. Lexi is in high school. Old enough to stay alone in the house for a time. Old enough to drive herself around. But nowhere near old enough to be an orphan. To lose her sister. To be alone in a house where her family should be. This story made me cry. I’m going to pray for Lexi Altobelli until I forget her name. I hope I never forget her name.

There are people for whom life is long. Betty White is 98 and still making racy sitcoms. Kirk Douglas is currently 103. Did you even know that guy’s still alive? He is. If he still talks, I bet he doesn’t use the expression ‘life is short.’

I know people with grandparents who are nearing 100. Their friends are all gone. Younger relatives are even gone. They are ready to go, too. But for them, life is long.

On the other hand, there are people for whom life is very, very short. Tragically short. 41 years short. 30something years short. Babies at home short. 13 years short.

Something like Sunday’s tragedy brings us all into a shared space where we grieve a loss in common. We appreciate our next breath that much more and we overlook those people dropping dirty clothes in the wrong places or forgetting to tell us about the project board they need us to buy before the store closes at 9 p.m. A tragedy makes us think about ourselves. Our blessings. And our fragility. I’d like to think I’ll hit 85. And maybe I will. I’ve made it past 13. I’ve survived the afro and the braces and the middle school drama. My youngest is about to turn 12. I’ll probably survive her drama, her braces, too.

But I don’t know if my life will be long. I don’t know if I’ll get to see everything I want to see. Every graduation. Every wedding. Every birth.

None of us know.

The challenge is to live like the fog is coming.
To hug the people within our reach.
To be a legend. Because to a few, we are.
And to love our people like they are legends. Because to us–they are.

~Missy Snapp

325 thoughts on “The Seven Others

  1. Missy, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this post. I never even thought to look into the ‘seven other people.’ Maybe it’s because I don’t really know that much about Kobe Bryant, just his name and that he was good at basketball. At my age, it’s all about Michael Jordan. I sort of dismissed the whole thing. Your love and concern for the ‘others’ has done my heart good, as a reproach for insensitivity, and an inspiration to do better, search harder, and look more deeply into the things that affect others outside my little circle of life.

    1. I might have missed the impact of this story if not for my NBA loving son, Deborah. No need to chide yourself. We see what’s in front of us. Sometimes the story isn’t in front of us.

      1. Amen to this story for there was others that nobody seems to care for on the news or Fb. Thank u so much for pointing that out to others that has lost their families as well. The news doesn’t realize what others are going thru unless it’s a news story to them to Produce to the world. Your a true blessing to these families to let them know that others did listen others do care and others is praying for them. Thank u and I will share this story over and over .

    2. Thank you. You spoke my mind as well and touched my heart. I feel for the surviving families and the children affected by the tragedy. I would almost say with all the murals going up around LA for Kobe & Gianna, they should have one mural with the rest of families and individuals represented that joined Kobe in this accident because in my mind they all are just as important! Well said and point made. I am also one to think what will happen to any of our lives next- all we can do is live each day like its our last and never take for granted the people in our lives who help us and depend on us to make theirs lives worth living as well….

    3. The fact that seven others were on board is all that could responsibly be reported until the identities of the others was confirmed and their families notified. I don’t think there was intentional disregard for the other victims. Initially, it wasn’t reported that Gianna was on board either. News reports take time to evolve, and sadly, it did. I give respect to all involved. They were not disregarded. Their identities and information was rightfully delayed. God bless them all.

      1. Thank you Sharon I felt the same. They didn’t have all their names & had to make sure the families were told 1st. It took them several days to announce the others names. I prayed for all the families even without their names, because God knew whom I was praying for.

      2. I think it’s important to hear all of their stories, not just say their names and show their photos. This piece is something that I told my brother I wanted to do and I’m so thankful that someone else had the idea.

    4. Thank you so much for this. I too, was having a hard time with presses reference to the “other seven people.” I wondered about them and prayed for their families but didn’t have any real information on them. Again, thanks.

    5. Missy, God Bless you. I’m not a sports fan but I am familiar with household celebrity names. I, to wondered who were the other seven and why they were referred to as the other seven instead of saying their names. I was deeply hurt knowing how they were referred to. Thank you so much for taking the time to research these individuals. I didn’t know the others ….I didn’t have to, I prayed for them all!!! I will pray for you as well. Be Blessed!

    6. Missy, you have a very good perspective which is lacking in American society overall. It reminds me of the wide receiver or quarterback who won the game and then in the post game interview they talk about how the Lord blessed them. They don’t get it! The Lord loves the losers just as much as the winners in a game of whatever. He loves the defensive back that got burned for the winning TD just as much as the receiver that caught it. The Lord has a different scoreboard. And that 40 million dollar contract? You had better realize that not one penny of that money is going with you when you pass from this earth. Also let me point out that the longest of lives on earth are terribly short. I just turned 60 and I am stunned about it. I cannot believe it. It happened in the snap of a finger. Both of my parents are 83 and having serious problems with their health. I guess I should be ready to see them go on to heaven. I am not .We never are really prepared to say goodbye to our legends.

      1. You are so right. Life really is short, no matter how long it is. And you are definitely never ready to say goodbye to your parents. My mother died at 74 2 years ago. Miss her every day.

    7. Thank you, before I read this I had not given a passing thought to the “others.” I feel ashamed and deeply saddened. You words are heart wrenchingly beautiful.

  2. This is absolutely the best article I have read about this tragedy. I knew some about the others…but you have put it in perspective beautifully.

      1. I agree. The others were hardly mentioned, yet their parting is just as painful to those left behind. May God give all of them comfort and peace.

    1. This was truly the best that I have read so far. Thank you. And yes, all of these losses are huge, tragic, and being a widow, my heart goes out to all of the family members affected by this very sad tragedy. I just can’t even imagine how they will deal with their losses.😶😣💕

      1. Thank you for sharing this . I too have been bothered by “ the other seven “ . Thought perhaps the families preferred this ?? We must make ourselves aware of how many families are affected by this tragedy ❤️

    2. While I agree with most everything you said, we also need to remember that the seven others did not give up their privacy in life. Had they not been with Kobe and his daughter we may have never heard of them at all.

      1. I completely agree with you. The fact is that people die tragically every day. My son in law was killed in a horrible car accident. He wasn’t famous. There was a slight mention of the accident on a local news channel, because of the explosion and fire that happened on impact. When famous people die, it is news. Those other people were not famous. It is not taking anything away from them, and I am sure the families would rather grieve without the media in their faces. When a soldier dies, is it all over the news? No, because they are not famous, but they should be acknowledged. My daughter who lost her husband equates Kobe’s death to Princess Dianna’s. He was a good person, a great dad, an amazing athlete, and loved by so many. People feel like they knew him even though they didn’t.

    3. I agree with Terri. This touched my heart & is so very true! Until you face a tragedy such as this it is difficult to be truly sensitive to other’s loss. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Your words described my thoughts each time I’ve heard “and seven others”. Watching the father of three whom lost his wife say on today show….can I just talk about and tell you about Christina. Made me look up the other families. It’s just a terrible loss for all. Thanks for your thoughts.

  4. Thank you for this article! It sure ‘hit home’ for me.I did feel sadness for the lack of acknowledgement for the ‘seven others’. GOD’s will be done & guess we all make mistakes when we don’t use our heads ..’course this one was truly tragic😥

  5. These very thoughts have been going through my mind! Thank you for putting pen to paper and saying what many of us were thinking. It truly is “One Day At A Time” we all need to make each day as special as we can! God bless all of these families!

  6. I too was disturbed about the lack of mentioning the 7 others, as well as the numerous Facebook posts lifting up Vanessa Bryant in prayer. Yes, she is facing a horrendous loss, but so too were the families of 7 others. I was deeply disturbed by this.
    I loved what you wrote. I had seen some of it, but not all and wondered what they were all doing on board that helicopter. It took some doing to put it all together. I truly feel that our media is at fault.

  7. Absolutely beautiful and we all needed to hear it. I’ve thought a lot about “the seven others on board” and “living like the fog is coming.” Thank you so much for sharing. ❤️

  8. I am so thankful for this article, from the time it happened the other seven should have been acknowledged!!! This is such a horrible event for all these families!!!

  9. Thank you for this! I too have thought of the “seven others”. I also researched them. Lexi and her brother are instant orphans. Payton has brothers that will never hug her again. Christina’s children will never be tucked into bed by her, or snuggle with her when they are sick. Ari’s family will never see him again. I am deeply saddened for the Bryant family, but these “other seven” were more important to their families. The loss is just as catastrophic for them as it was for Vanessa and the girls. Hugs to all.

  10. I too wondered and had heard some things about the other 7. It breaks my heart that this happened to these 9 people.

  11. Thank you for your tender heart’s expression of “the seven others”. Did you know there are multiple “others” – our soldiers, marines, sailers, and airmen – who never get a mere mention, who are not only heroes to their grieving families, but should also be to all of us?

    My heart and prayers go out to all of the families who lost their precious family members in that helicopter crash, as well as anyone grieving today.

    The Lord will heal the brokenhearted, and bind up their wounds. Ps 147

  12. When I heard that some of the family members were informed about their loved ones passing on Social Media, my heart just broke for them. Thank you for your article, so beautifully written. None of us are promised tomorrow, not even legendary giants.

  13. That was absolutely beautifully written. I also thought of how sad it was that seven deaths were referred to as “the other seven”………..Kobe Bryant was a living legend for sure, but he was also a father of four beautiful children, and the husband of a beautiful wife. My heart breaks for all those families and pray that God will be by their side as they go through this horrible tragedy. They were legends in their own right to their families.

  14. This is a beautiful well written article. My heart aches for family members left behind. May the the Good lord help them all through this horrible tragedy and bless them with mighty strength to be able to move on eventually

  15. I too thought about them. I also said to my boyfriend that I hoped Alyssa was an only child. I cried when I found out that she has a teenage sister. It is all so very sad. Hearing all of the wonderful thibgs avout Kobe Bryant, and the type of man abd father he was, he would probably also be saddened that his co-passengers have been reduced to “the seven others”. Praying fir all if their families and friends that they left behind.

  16. So very beautiful, thanks for your authorship. I am sure that the Bryant family appreciates this as well; for they did not report “7 others”…and I am sure that they are grieving the Mauser, Chester, and Altobelli losses as well. “Live like the fog is coming” is going to stay with me for quite some time.

  17. What a well written piece. I too hoped and prayed the Alyssa was an only child. I spent Sunday afternoon and evening on Google trying to get info on the “seven others.” I found myself frustrated that they were referred to as “the seven others.” Had Kobe not been on that flight, would we have cared enough to research the other passengers? I hope to remember these folks and take the time to check up with them in the future. My prayer is that they take the time they need to grieve and that life is good to them for many years to come. This type of loss is very hard to grasp…for family, friends and strangers.

  18. I too was upset about the “seven others” not being mentioned, but I saw a photo of a young man today on Face Book that just lost his life in a plane crash. He was coming home to his family after his military duty. I never heard his name mentioned anywhere else. We tend to put too much emphasis on public figures when they die, but not on the soldier who died protecting our country, along with so many others. I feel very sorry that Kobe Bryant and his young daughter died and sorry for his family and the “seven others” but, our soldiers should at the very least get mentioned in the media everyday and get recognized for the lives they give, for all of us. Just saying…………

    1. I do realize the post was about those who lost their lives that day…. and im saddened and lift all their grieving family and friends in prayer. It is a horrendous feeling…. that loss! I lost my oldest son and daughter in law almost 4 yrs ago in a motorcycle accident, so i DO understand the depth of that pain!
      But that brings me to the point of my post here….
      My kids weren’t “heroes ” or well known outside of their abundant family and friends. Their deaths weren’t mourned publicly, or loudly or given much attention to for any length of time…. once it “looked” like i was ok.
      I don’t want people NOT to care about celebrities or heroes… but please dont give MORE compassion to (i know this sounds heartless), to strangers… than to those around you, in your village, in your town etc.
      Remember, Hurt is hurt, pain is pain and loss is loss.

      1. Thank you Cathy for sharing. So sorry to hear about your loss. Also a good reminder to show compassion to those in our own village and to show continued care, because the loss will always be felt, however, with time easier to accept. I’m thankful God has promised in His Word that “He heals the brokenhearted” Psalm 147:3

  19. Thank you so much for this beautiful, very much needed piece. I have found myself so absorbed in getting my hands on every detail of this tragedy, to wrap my brain around it, to somehow accept its ugly reality. And though the spot light is on our beloved hero, Kobe and Gianna, I never once, of all the media coverage and social media posts, ever once came across who the other precious souls were other than their names and titles. To know more of their personal lives makes my heart bleed even more than it already is. But at the same time necessary. My heart and prayers go out to their families for comfort and peace. 🙏💔😭

  20. I agree with everything you said except your belief that someone who is 100 will think life has been long. No matter how long life is, it is but a moment, a breath, a blink of an eye. I understand what you you were trying to say but living a comparatively long life does not make it less dear.

    All life is precious. All life is fleeting. All life is to be prized.

    1. I see your point and I won’t argue. I was only recording what I’ve heard a couple of grandparents say. Might be reflective of only two or three people. Life is certainly precious.

      1. You wrote exactly what I have felt since the day the helicopter went down, what about the other seven onboard. A life is a life, in my eyes, not one is more or less beloved than another. Thank you for sharing this, because, like you, I couldn’t help but research the “other seven.” This is a tragedy for each and every person, the heartache and loss is felt by those who loved each of the nine onboard. Thank you for having the courage to share this piece.

      2. I read this aloud to my 89 year old mother, we both wept. As I attempted to recover, and pull it together, I read through some of the comments. Stoping on each of your replies Mary. Again, I am impressed struck by your tender heart and kind words. Ann Cochran speaks beautifully about life and age. She seems, like me to have experience with those gifted with longevity. Her words were gentle too.
        I love the grace and honor you both shared with us, but mostly for one another. Tragedy often creates these moments, sometimes fleeting, but hopefully not, long lasting. Thank you.

  21. I just finished a perfect day of skiing with my oldest daughter and her oldest daughter, my oldest granddaughter. Thanks for keeping me see the greatness of each day.

  22. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to all involved in the recent tragedy. I heard on the news today they were 3 minutes from landing. How quickly so many lives were cut short — 3 minutes and nine lifetimes. 🧡🏀💜

  23. Yes… you have beautifully expressed the thoughts that tumbled around in so many of our heads. All are precious in the sight of our Lord. Prayers for all of the broken-hearted loved ones left behind. Prayers for each of us to take note, slow down , allow a little more space in our days, and love like there is no tomorrow.

  24. That is so well written. Being here in Orange County the 7 others are being grieved more prominently that what is being shown in the national news. I don’t know any of them personally but have friends of friends who do. It’s hurts. Our community is hurting.
    I think it was so beautiful and courageous of Vanessa Bryant to speak out today. To share her grief of not only losing her husband and daughter but her friends~ the 7 others. And she is concerned about their futures and has already set up a foundation for them. That’s a class act.
    RIP to all 9 beautiful people that were on that flight 🙏

  25. You are an amazing writer with the ability to convey thoughts many think but cannot express. Food for thought for all of us. Thanks for sharing. God. Bless all of them

  26. Thank you for writing this! Well done.

    I too was thinking of “the seven others” as the news media fell all over themselves talking about Kobe Bryant. I get it. He was a well known figure but somehow those 7 other people were just lost in the shuffle and it seemed sad and just wrong for so little to be said about them.

  27. Beautiful article and reminder that all life is precious. Although I did wince at the comment that some older people living longer “than they need to.”

  28. It is a tragedy for all of the people involved. They said 7 other people because they wanted to notify the families first, which seems right. It was Kobe’s helicopter so that’s probably why his and his daughter’s names were mentioned early on.

  29. Beautifully written and perfectly said. It brought tears to my eyes. I hope more people remember and pray for ALL the victims of this tragedy.

  30. Live life like the fog is coming…..
    Tears. Just tears. Life in put into perspective. On a daily basis we all live in our own self pity of what the world is doing to us! Instead of thinking about what we can do for the world (our family, friends, coworkers, anyone we come upon)! Very profound. I teach Human Performance (you can read about this in the Department of Energy Handbook) at my work place (I work in the natural gas/electric industry) and I’m definitely fitting this into my presentation. Thank you for this!!!!

  31. I read about the Altobelli family Sunday night. I’m so upset that Alyssa was not an only child but her father was a legend in his own right as well. He left behind an entire team of junior college baseball young men who have now lost, what I imagine to be, a father figure. I also read that his wife was very involved in the program as well. So while Lexi feels the most pain there are numerous young people who have lost part of their extended family. My heart breaks for them.

    My heart breaks for all aboard the helicopter, and I think it speaks volumes that Vanessa has already set up a foundation for the “other seven” in her time of insurmountable grief. My hope is they are all remembered because each life is so precious.

    We don’t get a whole lot of fog where I live but twice in the past week, we’ve been under a dense fog advisory. I’ll never see the fog the same again.

  32. Thank you so much for this article. I didn’t do the research but I have also been thinking about all the lives lost in the tragedy.
    And the fact that so often we focus on unimportant things and forget/postpone important things with the people who matter.
    Sharing what I wrote to my school friends yesterday
    ‘ Wish everyone happiness in what they do and the ability to find the things that make us happy. So often we settle and adjust. We also let the small joys pass by in search of ‘bigger’ stuff.
    Nothing is bigger than today because tomorrow isn’t promised!
    Sorry philosophical rant .. but the death of everyone on that helicopter just reminded/reignited this’

  33. Blessings on you. You see, I knew 3 of those “others “ And with you, I will pray for Lexi Altobelli and 3 “others “ , John, Keri & and Alyssa and I will not forget their names. Thank you ❤️

  34. Missy,
    Thank you for putting an emotional, human frame around the seven others. I am a gal from Chicago, and in my hometown every weekend, we lose an average of seven to 12 loving uncles, fathers, toddlers, to gun fire. There is no national outcry each weekend, just the heartbreak and shock of family members and friends where, life is cut short, and emotionally, hearts are cut out. We know our God has a plan. We pray for length of life, and strength of heart. As you said, “Hug them close.”

  35. So very well written,and I confess for most of Sunday all I thought of was The Bryant’s.
    Somewhere someone mention you do know 7 others lost their lives, I was so ashamed that I hadn’t once thought of those precious brothers,sisters, wife, husband. Sister, Amit, and I finally got to see pictures of them, that’s when it became real, now these people were real. I have no answers , I probably can’t help in any way……. except one, I have prayed for 9 souls lost, it’s not for me to know nor would I presume, I’ve prayed for every soul abouard that helicopter, That’s all I can do, but here’s the good news, I won’t stop
    Praying for those left behind, because now they need the prayers.

  36. I’m so glad to know more about those 7 others. Everyday I turn on the news my heart hurt for the families of those the news always reported as “and seven others”. Thank you and may God cover all the hurting hearts ad the 9 killed in this terrible accident.

  37. Very well-said and captures my thoughts about my flooded news feed on Sunday that appeared Kobe and his daughter were the best of friends with my Facebook friends. So many lives lost in an instant, may they not be forgotten and may their family and friends know that so many of us think and realize they are more than just “the seven others on board.”

  38. This article is by far, the best article I have read about such this horrible tragedy. It definitely makes us reflect on life. Living everyday as if it’s our last, because we truly never know. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to uplift others in their sadness. One day, the tragedy that is death will be no more. Revelation 21: 4 says, “And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”

  39. Missy– Astounding. I found myself lost in the lives of the seven others AND the Bryant’s. You wrote this beautifully. Tears welling in my eyes and my heart aching. Thank you for this.

  40. Just like when Patsy Cline was killed in a plane crash years ago.
    The media was about Patsy being killed.
    There were others on the plane and at least 2 were also country singers.
    I heard one of their wives say” There were others killed in this plane crash, other than Patsy Cline, and their lives was just as great as hers, but all you heard was “Patsy Cline killed in plane crash.
    Their were also other children left without parents.
    This reminded me of that tragedy


  41. I am not a Kobe fan of basketball. But I am a fan of how he put his family back together and became such a great father and husband. I too was sad for him and immediately I thought of THE OTHERS. I mourned for Kobe’s wife and family but even more for the other victims of this tragedy. Lexi name is definitely called out in prayer and I hope she and her brother find strength in the Lord. I pray for them all but Lexi’s circumstances stand out the most to me. Lord watch over them all. Thanks for sharing your notes.

  42. This writer hit the nail on the head as she so eloquently wrote what most of us were thinking about this tragedy of lives. Each and every person that is alive is special to many others as she wrote about the people on board that helicopter Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those families that lost their loved ones.

  43. Thank you! I just sent a similar email to some friends yesterday. We are doing a fundraiser and it has favorite food items from famous athletes. The head of the committee changed a menu item to include one of Kobe Bryant’s favorites. I immediately wondered what the favorites were of those that had passed as well… and then I cried. And I cried again reading your note. And their tragedy is just as painful.

      1. Yes, it is very well written. I understand a small portion of their pain: I lost my son at age 33 in an accident. He had everything to live for & 2 little guys ages 3 & 5 who couldn’t understand why their Dad didn’t come home. It’s been 18 years & the hole is still there every time we gather as a family. One of the most painful days (several years ago), was when the younger one told me, “Grandma, I’m just so sad. I can’t remember what my Dad looked like.” Only 3 at the time, how can he other than seeing photos? My heart aches for each of them who has this unwelcome chapter in their lives to walk through; find peace; make sense of lives cut too short; too soon. YES, we need to think & pray for the families of “the Seven Others’. You are oh, so right: their loved ones were there heroes. Thank you for expressing it so very well.

    1. I posted something similar on my Facebook and my neighbor justified the publicity for Koby As being good because the youth knows him and he a good example. The news did a very bad job labeling the others as “The seven others”. I am not a writer, a retired high school teacher.

      1. I agree with you. By listing them as “the other seven”, they discounted the lives of those people who also died that day. Even though they were not as well known as Kobe and Gianna, they were no less loved and will definitely be missed. All nine deserved respect, but only two received it. There needs to be a balance on reporting these stories. No one was any greater or any less on that helicopter and ALL will be honored and remembered, just the way Kobe and Gianna would’ve wanted it. This reminds me of the 3 firefighters and 3 military people killed during the month of January. No one publishes their names either. These people gave their lives so you could have yours. It’s time we show honor and respect to them and their families as well
        May all 15 lives RIP. God bless the survivors as they struggle to cope with their losses. Comfort each one with the hope and love of their Heavenly Father. He made us equal and He loves us all the same, no more, no less. Thanks for sharing so beautifully with your words what most of us had been thinking and feeling.

    2. I have NOT stopped praying as well for ALL the lives of each individual’s families whose lives came to a screeching HALT at 10:45AM last Sunday Morning!!!!

      I will CONTINUE to lift them up before almighty GOD and beg HIM to comfort the empty arms, and broken hearts of oh so many lives and families, friends, and oh so many suffering this insurmountable tragedy.
      THANK YOU for saying what so many of our hearts felt, and through you, put words on it!

    3. Nice tribute to the “other seven”. I’ve been thinking the same thing. Thank you for bringing them to the forefront. All of the families are just as devastated and all n8ne deserve to be remembered equally. RIP.

    4. I am so glad this article was written. It puts into perspective the real tragedy of this happening….the others lost. The mourning process is so individual and private. It takes no prisoners. It ebbs and flows for the remainder of ones life. I wish them all some type of peace in this. Andi A

    5. You have said the things I tried saying but with so much more meaning…
      Thank you for putting what I was feeling into words, I never could have expressed them so eloquently..
      And so on point.. excellent..beautiful and true words..

  44. I immediately felt sad for everyone on board, my thoughts and prayers are endless for all 9 lives who are gone, my heart breaks for each & every family member who has lost the loves in their life!
    This particular case has been very difficult especially for the fans n loved ones who have had the honor to be in koby and Gigi’s life!

    Rest in Eternal Peace 🙏🏀🙏

      1. I know the feeling of losing a perfectly healthy daughter to a rare virus at the age of 25. It broke our hearts, but we have raised more than $56,000 in her memory for Cincinnati Childrens Hospital to help the next child because that is what she would have wanted. It’s true that life can be shorter than what we plan so love your family and enjoy your friends!

    1. This is such a wonderful tribute. 2 things have really bothered me aside for what you pointed out as just being the unknown others on the plane.
      1. Now one is really mentioning that 3 young beautiful lives have been cut short. That is beyond tragic in and of itself.
      2. When this accident was reported the police and fire were not providing any nameds until loved one could be contacted. As it should be. But don’t you think they knew the minute it was reported that Khobe Bryant had died in a plane crash where there were no survivors! Trust me if I was flying on a private jet with a celebrate everyone would know!! Especially my family. How inhumane of someone to leak this to the news!

      Thanks for your wonderful tribute to these people. May they rest in peace.

    1. I thought about the others at first and then pray for their families . The children who lost a parent may they be comforted. She said in this article so well about the 7others . May God comfort all the families.

  45. Thanks for this reminder!! I loved the whole thing but this is really the best:
    The challenge is to live like the fog is coming.
    To hug the people within our reach.
    To be a legend. Because to a few, we are.
    And to love our people like they are legends. Because to us–they are.

  46. This is exactly how I feel. In fact the below is what I posted on Facebook on Monday:

    What happened to Kobe Bryant is a horrible tragedy. But can we please take some time to think about his daughter Gianna or the Mother and her 13 year old Daughter that lost their lives. Let us also not forget the two siblings that just lost their Sister, Mother and their Father who was also a beloved College baseball coach. We also lost a basketball coach who was a Wife and Mother. And finally let’s not forget about the Pilot who lost his life. Taking a moment of silence across LA to remember Kobe is a wonderful gesture, but it should have been a moment of silence for the 9 people that lost their lives tragically.
    May they all Rest In Peace.

  47. Thank you for writing this! I have tears and goosebumps. Like you and others that commented I also felt all of this. All the family members left behind. Kobe’s family and the “seven others”. My dad passed away when I was just 16. He was only 48. I lost my son when he was just 16. Both unexpectedly. I always deeply feel for those who are grieving long after the headlines fade. Those whose names didn’t make the headlines. xo

  48. Such an amazing tribute to all of those who lost their lives in the helicopter on Sunday along with Kobe Bryant and his daughter. And, of course,
    to those loved ones left behind. Such a wonderful reminder that each life is precious and that each day should be lived to the fullest!

  49. I am really touched by your post! My thoughts were on the similar line. I am a mom of a 13yr old as well and cannot imagine losing anyone close to me. When the news came in we were all shoked…but my immediate thought went to the “other 7 on board”. I read about them too and my heart goes out to each one of them.

  50. Each life is special in the eyes of God. In the end, he doesn’t care how much money you made, if you are an athlete, if you’re the CEO of a Fortune 100 company. What matters to God and should matter to each one of us is- what did we do with our talents? Did we treat people with respect? Did we help the less fortunate? Did we help our brothers and sisters when they needed food?

    All lives are equal in Gods eyes. No one has an advantage. Tragedies happen daily. Can happen to each one of us in an instant. Our goal should be if that time comes tragically for us – to have lived our lives the best we could. Live each day as if our last. We would al live differently.

    May God have mercy on these 9 souls and all souls who die a tragic death. Prayers and thoughts to all 9 of those killed and their loved ones.

  51. Thank you for writing this. It is a sad tragic event. That day – I thought of all the others who died that we will never hear about, Those taken by disease, or by violence, those who had loved ones with them, and those who were alone. All just as sad. May we lift up all of the department – may the rise on eagles wings.

  52. So true, I loved reading your message, very well stated, I know how a mother feels when her child passes on un expectantly as my own son did 5 years ago. All the passengers on board counted to their families and people that have feelings and care, but didn’t seem to for the newscasters, my own husband was so focused on Kobe and his daughter only, until I looked up the other passengers and I was zooming in on their pictures and showing him, they were there too and they all died,I told him. Then I wondered why are they not being recognized as much as Kobe and his daughter? my opinion, yes one can be a great fan and admire the famous but I wouldn’t idolize them like a god. Sorry for all the lives lost on Sunday praying for the families to find comfort, it’s so sad for all involved it will take time and they will never be forgotten 🙏

  53. Thank you for this, it helps in my grief process, though I felt the other decedents did get more press as time went on. Well written and helpful to me.

  54. On Dec. 24th it was very foggy in our area. A mother, father and daughter driving home from a relative’s home where they were celebrating Christmas. The fog was so thick he didn’t see the stop sign and went through it. Next thing you know a 15 year old only child is orphaned. Both her parents were killed. A community, family, coworkers, friends are still mourning. What happened Sunday I am sure brought back many bad memories for these people. 15 is too young to hold the world on your shoulders.

    God bless everyone involved especially the young ones that had to grow up too fast.

  55. I also felt incredible sorry for all the “others on board” because while Kobi was well known and loved by many, so were the others who lost their lives. They left behind families and friends who loved them. God Bless them all.

  56. Amen to this remember Tomorrow is not promised to any one, make the best day every day remember to say I love you to those you cherish in you lives pray for those left behind , pay it forward if you can , put out you hand for those in need of a hand up , and be a good person . There are a lot of unsung hero’s out there that die every day we need to remember them all . They have names they have family’s they had lives too. My God Bless them and hold them in his arms .

  57. I cried and cried for hours when I heard about the crash, but I soon realized this tragedy was just a trigger from losing my beloved 47yo husband in 2017. I couldn’t figure out why this was effecting me so deeply, but I was crying for my husband, to our marriage and for my sanity to return. Thank you for writing this.

    1. I feel your pain. I also lost my husband in 2017 tragically. It saddened me so much reading this story. I’ve been crying since Sunday. Hold your loved ones close and never forget to say I love you every day especially when you’re leaving them. Praying for all those people who lost their lives in the crash. So devastating. May the families find comfort with each other. God bless them all.

  58. All I can say is WOW! You have a God given talent!! Your way with words is amazing! I cant imagine the pain these families are going though!! Prayers for all 9 of the people who lost their lives and their families!!

  59. Few people know when they will die but wise people know how to be prepared to die — “in Christ Jesus.” (John 1:12)

  60. This is beautifully written and what I have been thinking about as well. Love “live like the fog is coming”. It’s heart breaking to watch the coach’s husband on TV. God bless them all

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  62. I just read this today (1/30/20), and shared it on FB. You have penned a beautiful tribute to the “other” losses and families. Thoughts I have had since first hearing of this tragic accident. It is absolutely important to embrace the life we have and the people in it so we have no regrets. Thank you again, for your thoughtful and loving tribute. Blessings.

  63. Thank you!!! Thank you for putting into words so beautifully what I have been thinking since I heard the news. I pray that God can bring some peace to those whose lives are affected forever.

    1. Beautifully written! I wanted so badly to write something as poignant as this. Thank you for writing the thoughts I couldn’t put into words.

  64. The article and all the comments have affected abd touched me deeply. Thanks to all of you for what you have written. Much love and many prayers.

  65. Indeed ALL LIVES MATTER, lost my 8 year old great nephew to brain cancer this past December. His loss affected so many individuals including his parents and 2 brothers. His inspirational fight affected many individuals without ever “dribbling a basketball” ..Lives are lost ever single day and their deaths are devastating to those who new them!! 😇

  66. This tragedy has affected me deeply for a couple of different reasons….
    I lost my husband in an accident when he was only 34, and my boys were 4 and 8. After losing their dad (and also losing my own father just months earlier), I tried to be both mom and dad to them, and one of the loves we shared was that of basketball. We ushered in the era of Kobe Bryant together, we watched games, bought jerseys and basketball cards, we cheered for opposite teams sometimes, but we bonded over our love of basketball and it helped, in a small way, to fill that void we all felt.
    I think, like another poster mentioned, this tragedy triggered some of that… that moment when there is that knock on the door, and the devastating life-changing news waits on the other side. I know the heartache all too well, and I cry for all of the families left behind.
    Having gone through this as a “non-famous person,” I get that those people are often overlooked, our losses are not making national headlines — we rely on our friends, our family, sometimes our community to rally around us and hold us up when we feel we cannot take another step. The loss cuts just as deeply, no matter your “station” in life. I can’t help but think of all the people who died that same day, and didn’t make any headlines at all. They weren’t even “and seven others.” But to someone they were the most important person in the world.

    1. What a helpful comment. Thank you. I haven’t been through anything like this but none of us are immune. I’m thankful for people like you that share your perspective. It helps the rest of us. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  67. This story is very well written and needed to be said. I too find this a tragedy for all involved, however, having been a #metoo when I was 15, I immediately thought about the victim that Bryant settled a civil suit with a few years back. People can change & I hope Bryant did get back on track. I feel pain for his wife for having gone through the other crap he put her through and now she mourns the loss of her daughter & the husband that she had forgiven. We all fall short and I’m no different, I fail everyday. I turned the tv off and got off social media because I was hurting for all, I was hurting for the victim from years back as well as for all aboard for this event. The other families were very important to many people, I am sure of that. Life is so uncertain, and plz don’t hate on me for having sadness for the victim from a few years back. I’m sure her emotions were all over the place too.

    1. This is the best comment I’ve seen regarding the girl he settled the civil suit with in 2003. No one should hate on her or you. Ever. Haters are out there, but I’m not one. Thanks for reading and sharing your valuable perspective. And I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through.

  68. Yes he was famous and the others matter too but as soon as everyone was identified there lived were shared too and it’s not the first time remember Farrah Fawcett she was a star in her own right but because Michael Jackson passed the same day he was the major topic live and death happens may they all Rest In Peace

  69. I’m sharing this because it’s so well thought out and written. But also because my tiny village has also suffered a shocking tragedy. A young 16 year old shot his mother and three siblings. The father came home and was wounded and hospitalized. An older brother living elsewhere rushed home to be with his father. Hundreds attended the big funeral for the four beloved victims. Teens, friends, neighbors, acquaintances are mourning. This piece may add to the grief process so many are dealing with.

  70. I am so glad I stumbled across this and will be reblogging on Sunday. Thank you for telling me about these other beautiful people and I will read again so I, too, will remember their names and stories. I look forward to reading more of your stories! xo

  71. Thank you for writing this, for the “seven others.” I lived next door to John Altobelli until he and his family moved to California when John was 10 years old. I know his family. And, through this tragedy, I was able to remember happier childhood times, when we played baseball in the easement or street, when we had cookouts, when we celebrated life. Now, we mourn the death of nine people whose lives crossed doing something with someone they loved. My prayer is that they are at peace, and in time the families and friends left behind will find comfort in memories.

  72. Can I ❤️ this a million times? It gave me goosebumps. It brought tears to my eyes. You wrote an excellent piece. I hope you do live a long life.

  73. We have lost our capability to appreciate all of us who are contributing greatness to our country. Not just “Hollywood”, but everyday greatness. The so called “little people” who do not display their good deeds online, who help others without the fanfare, luxuries and fame. and those who give of only themselves to help those who cannot. Thank you for this writing so we do not forget their are people out there who are just as important ( if not more so) to this world but hide their goodness behind their acts of kindness and love.

  74. What a tragic loss of 9 wonderful people , children and parents whom lost their lives in this tragic crash, but have a wonderful life in heaven now and are all together forever. I to, asked the question of why the news was Bryant and daughter and &7 others. Then I became realistic–this was Bryant’s helicopter, when it traveled, he was on it and this day his daughter was with him. He used this helicopter all the time to get around town and out of traffic, so saying that, there were probably different folks on there everyday, so I believe they had to find out and prove exactly whom
    was on that helicopter that day. He used the same pilot, but would it have been proper to say Bryant, his daughter and pilot and 6 others?? I believe it was handled in the best way under the circumstances as they had to prove exactly and for certain whom was on board that day before announcing their deaths. May they all rest in peace and
    I pray God to bless and take care of their loved ones left behind. Wanda White, TN

  75. Thank you for writing this, the question I’ve asked from the start, “who are these ‘other seven people’?” Thank you for giving us a glimpse into their equally important lives. Beautifully written. You are a blessing to these families, I’m sure. I pray they see your article. I pray that many do.

  76. The fWg isn’t coming for us. We all inhabit it every day. Fortunately, we have simple instruments to cut through it:

    give our best to each person we encounter.

    Do the right thing for the right reasons

    End each day empty of all energy.

    And if we embrace our truth – that we don’t own, we are only borrowing, the fog is lifted.

  77. I completely agree and my post on FB that very day read – thoughts and prayers go out to families of all who lost their lives in the tragic helicopter crash. ‘ALL’ being the key word!

  78. Merci pour ce magnifique hommage… My husband was 37 when he died, my sons were 7 and 11. We are making sure to live life to the fullest and we take him with us everywhere we go! He lives through us. For all those left here, I wish they can realize that the ones they lost would want them to live full, happy lives… listen to “I Grieve” from Peter Gabriel and go through the phases and come out strong. Huge hugs full of energy to all those who remain behind. xxx

  79. Thank you for these heartfelt words. I have been thinking many of the thoughts you shared. It so happens that Sunday was the 3rd anniversary of our daughter-in-law’s death due to cancer. She also died at the age of 41, leaving our son a widower with 3 little girls to raise…alone. We heard the news while we were eating her favorite food—Chinese—and reminiscing with the girls and their other grandma. It hit us adults hard when we heard the news because we knew a little of what the families were going through. We are praying for all of them, asking for the Lord’s love and peace to surround them as they grieve! Blessings to you!

  80. I stumbled upon this post on fb. And to say this is beautifully written is quite of an understatement. This is PERFECTION. THIS IS TRUTH! I am a mom of 3 kids and I couldnt imagine my life losing one of my kids. I applaud you for taking the time to write the truth so perfectly. May God bless you and your family

    1. This was so poignantly written to express exactly how and what I’ve been feeling and thinking since this tragedy. I continue to pray and think about the seven others.

      1. Beautiful and yes!..the grief their family and friends are enduring is no less than the celebritie’s family. Thank you for such a thought provoking post!

    2. i thought this was a great article, except what was the point of the “There are people for whom life is long. Betty White is 98 and still making inappropriate sitcoms. Kirk Douglas is currently 103. Did you even know that guy’s still alive? He is. If he still talks, I bet he doesn’t use the expression ‘life is short.’ Maybe you don’t appreciate these people, but some will when THEY pass …. this was an unecessary part of your essay

      1. I sorta agree with you. Well I do agree. But I still love the article. I grieve for them all. But I have the other seven in my heart.

      2. Definitely didn’t get the Betty White statement. I think she’s a hoot! Thought the rest of the article was very thoughtful and sensitively written.

      3. I agree. Others shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for the years of life that have been given, but inspired to live each moment with purpose and gratitude.

      4. I believe her point was that some people get to live long lives and some don’t…so appreciate the time you have . I don’t believe she was trying to undermine anyone.

    3. I also stumbled upon and it is simply beautiful. I too had wondered of the people whose names seem to be never said and I am glad for this article bringing them to light.

    4. Truly exceptiinal writing…and BEAUTIFUL sentiments. I felt very similar and didn’t have the thoughtfulness to put ‘pen to paper’ to share with the world….BRAVA and God Bless YOU!!

    5. I truly appreciate what you have said. I too was disturbed that “the seven others” seemed name less. Thank you for honoring them and those left behind.

    6. Well written and making me feel the sorrow for the other wonderful “others” families and loved ones. I will think of them as often as everyone thinks of Kobe who was a good family man. May they all Rest in Peace…..

    7. I understand. I wish I couldn’t say this but I lost my 28 yo son three years ago. He left me, his mother, two sisters, a brother and a 4 yo son. These things wreck your world and you struggle to try to put it back together. I do not know why I was chosen to go on this journey but it is only by the grace of God I travel it. Please pray for all family’s who travel this journey. We need your prayers.

      1. Eugene, I am so sorry for the loss of your son. What a tragedy! I will add you to my friends and family who have walked this very experience. I wish I had answers as to why this happens but I do not. My heart goes out to you, your wife and children.

    8. Absolutely beautifully written. You should be commended for your empathy and ethical fabric. You’re a class act Missy.

    9. Thank you for saying/ writing this . It was absolutely amazing the story of the other lives lost and the family they left behind . I was very sad to say the least but what got me was the other seven was never named . It was the other seven . I too pray for the families left behind and for the 9 who parish . Rest In Peace .

    10. Kudos to you. I thought the same every time I heard it I said a prayer for “ the other passengers “ how could they be so easily dismissed? Thank you thank you 🙏🙏🙏

  81. I too stumbled upon this post on FB and it struck me to the core. I have had these thoughts all week as I listened to “seven others also on board”. I was disquieted about the reporting, but couldn’t completely express my thoughts. This post expresses those concerns perfectly. Thank you Missy so much.

  82. News reports could have said something like this without putting all the emphasis on Kobe:

    It was a foggy morning when nine people, including the pilot, were killed when their helicopter crashed into a hill outside of Los Angeles. Besides the pilot, (name, job), killed were (names here, job).

  83. My tears are flowing now. Thank you for so beautifully articulating what I have been feeling for all of these people.

  84. Loved this tribute! So heart wrenching. I would like to believe that
    all of them had profound faith. I know that Kobe did. Such a sad way to eave this world.
    I saw Mr Mauser speak on TV and my heart aches for this family and the families of
    all victims. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.


  85. This is so well written. I am so glad that you took the time to write it and that you research it. May God b÷ with you and your family.
    Blessings always and prayers for the families and friends of the nine.

  86. I feel blessed having read your thoughts so eloquently written. Thank you for doing the research and sharing it with us for our prayers. There is such pain that we must endure in life, but this has to be at the top of the list!

  87. This piece touched me deeply. It is the first time I have heard about the “seven others” who are just as significant as Kobe and his daughter. I mourn for All on that helicoptor. Thank you for this beautiful tribute. May God bless those left behind and give them comfort.

  88. I too had thoughts about the “other seven” and why more information wasn’t put forth. I know that Kobe and Gianna are wonderful but “the other seven” are also wonderful. Thank you for writing this and putting my thoughts in words.

  89. What a beautiful and thought provoking article! I was 7 years old when my 3 older brothers and I lost our mother and my dad lost his beloved wife in a car accident. Your comment “They miss their mom. She wasn’t known by the world. But she was their world.” rings so true to me. Losing my mother was devastating, but It wasn’t until I became a mother myself that I really realized what I missed out on, and what makes me the saddest is knowing what she missed out on.

  90. Thank you!! This was an amazing read and so well said. My heart aches for al the loss on that Sunday. My thoughts and Prayers go out to ALL the family and friends. May they all R.I.P.

  91. What an absolutely beautiful article. You have put into words what so many feel including myself. Yes, we miss Kobe and his daughter, but our hearts also breaks for the other individuals who were in that helicopter with him as well as their families who also have to go through the pain of this tragic event. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for taking the time to write this article.

  92. My heart is heavy to read this article which is so beautifully articulated. I have been thinking and praying for those “seven others on board”. You have made me known about them. Thank you so much. So sorry for those who never thought that they will go away so soon and will leave behind a great community to mourn for them. Also, it made me think about how life is so fragile. We do not know how long we will live to see our loved ones around. I am reminded of the Psalmist who says, “So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom.” And the heart of wisdom is this that we love our people, our neighbors, our nation and above all love the Lord with all our hearts. Who knows when our times come and we will be gone!! I also think about how I will be remembered once I am gone?

  93. My heart is heavy to read this article which is so beautifully articulated. I have been thinking and praying for those “seven others on board”. You have made me known about them. Thank you so much. So sorry for those who never thought that they will go away so soon and will leave behind a great community to mourn for them. Also, it made me think about how life is so fragile. We do not know how long we will live to see our loved ones around. I am reminded of the Psalmist who says, “So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom.” And the heart of wisdom is this that we love our people, our neighbors, our nation and above all love the Lord with all our hearts. Who knows when our times come and we will be gone!! I also think about how I will be remembered once I am gone?

  94. Thank you so very much for this beautifully written “introduction” to the seven beautiful souls we didn’t know about! . Seriously, the not knowing who the other passengers were was awful! Thank you so very much for taking the time and effort to introduce us to them. This is my second post as I lost the first one somehow.

  95. This was EXACTLY what I was thinking, but didn’t put in words! Thank you for eloquently saying everything I was feeling and thinking!!!!

  96. You have expressed so eloquently my thoughts. Yes i feel sad for Koby and his daughter, but I also felt sad for the other 7, but wasn’t hearing much about them. I place sadness on all 9 equally and my prayers are with them all. Thanks for reading my thoughts and expressing them so well.

    1. Such a tragic loss of 9 people. Right of them not know by us on a first name basis except for Kobe. A beautiful person, well known everywhere, as the others, not so well known. Tragic anyway you look at it. Godspeed to them and ever lasting peace.
      What I don’t understand is why Betty White was mentioned and making inappropriate sitcoms???? Why??

    2. OMG so beautifully written, there were other people on that helicopter, but because of Kobe’s notierty, he gets talked about more!! The other families are hurting as much as Kobe’s!! I feel so bad for all the families, they were all truly loved!! Please Rest In Peace!!

  97. What saddens me more than anything, as a survivor of losing my Dad to a heart attack at age 37 with 3 older siblings, I never had a piece of my Father and the eoukd is DEEP, is that no one puts as much emphasis, compassion, passion into a perfect man, who never sinned, was brutally murdered FOR OUR INIQUITIES! Kobe may be a legend. He and his family have lived more life than most people will ever experience in generations. We can idolize him because of takent and MONEY, but no one cares to LOVE, CHERISH, and HONOR a SAVIOR! Without Him, this life means nothing and Kobe is just another one of us. I dont understand why people dont take the time to read the Bible and scream for the loss and desire to be with Jesus Christ! NOTHING, not basketball, not money, not people, can ever give you, eternal life in Heaven without Him and HIStory! Youre alternative is not pleasant.

  98. My heart hurts for all of these families. Such tremendous losses for several families. I heart also hurts for the teammates of the young ladies lost. My daughter plays a travel sport, I know how close these girls get. They spend a lot of time together doing what they love. I can’t imagine this close group of girls waiting for their 3 teammates to arrive and hearing the devastating news. Their lives will forever be changed as well.

  99. Thank you so much for this!

    If I had been blessed with the gift of written word, this beautifully written piece echos precisely what’s been in my heart this last week. May all those who have been affected directly and indirectly know and feel Gods love and the peace only He can bring. ❤️

  100. Thank you for your research into the families, and for writing this. I have said from the beginning, to many people, but what about the other 7 people? There were 3 young girls and 4 of their parents who were killed. And a mom of 3 kids who lost thru mom, but didn’t lose a sibling. And the pilot, who I didn’t see if he had kids or not. All lives lost too young. A tragedy of losing 9 wonderful people. We can only pray that their souls will be in heaven with God 🙏🙏🙏

  101. Great writing Missy. You are the type of writer I need to help write my book. On love cancer
    Life and death. You show compassion.

  102. This needed to be said and I thank you for that. I knew one of the lost passengers, Sarah Chester. She was a kindergarten teacher, alongside myself and three others. The school staff and community is shocked and saddened by this loss. I kept waiting for the media to talk about Sarah and her daughter, Payton, and how many people were mourning their passing. The days wore on and it struck me that Sarah’s life (and the lives of the others lost in the crash) was diminished ( almost disregarded) by the star power of Kobe Bryant. Sarah was a daughter, a wife, and a mother of three. She was a teacher and a community member in high standing. She was a hero to many by the ways she changed their lives. All nine passengers were heroes to many. It is very sad that Kobe Bryant and his daughter died that day. We mourn for his family. But, I hope our HEROES are a little closer to our lives than a movie star – or a singer – or an athlete. I know if we all look closely, will find them.

    1. Marilyn, thank you for sharing your knowledge of Sarah and letting us know her better. I’m heartbroken for her family, her friends, for you. I pray you can all find some comfort in a dark time.

  103. Missy,
    What a Beautiful read!!! I have read it twice!!!!
    Thank You for taking the time to research and write about the “seven others!” They to are “legends to someone!!!”

  104. May God bless their souls because it’s up to him now. Im sure he was with them all May he ease their families pain and five them strength in Jesus name

  105. Such a heart warming tribute to the “other seven victims”! They are and were just as important as the Bryant’s. Just because they were not famous like Kobe does not mean they should be “forgotten”. They were someone’s family also. May they all Rest In Peace!!

  106. A good friend of mine posted this on Facebook! After I read the first couple sentences I said to myself this is exactly what I was thinking of. I feel really bad for Kobe and his daughter and of course his family’s loss. I kept thinking all of this publicly about him passing on and thought to myself what about all the other people who were on board that helicopter? They all had families and lives if their own.
    Everyone has a life and every single one of us is at some point gonna pass on. I kept thinking we all are the same(human beings with the same lives as everyone else) and why are they focusing on just Kobe and his daughter? I know he was a legend in his field but all the other people had lives and families too and their families are grieving just like the world is for Kobe and his daughter. It just makes you think about yourself and your families and everyone else’s family and the one thing we all have in common is we all have loved one’s some who pass to soon and we all grieve the same way. Maybe I’m rambling on but bottom line is every single person on that helicopter should be recognized in the same way as anyone else.

  107. And God Bless you for sharing this. From the moment I heard about the crash, I asked, who were the others on the flight? The news for two days just skipped over them. How sad. I wanted to know, I wanted to pray for them and their families left behind. They were just as important as Kobe and his daughter.

  108. Beautiful tribute to the 7 others who’s lives were tragically taken as well. Has been my thoughts threw out first hearing of the tragedy. I’m starting to resent Kobe Bryant which is so sad but too much news on them alone and not even footage of the non famous tragedy aboard.

  109. Yes the whole story is very tragic. Every story needs to introduce the characters involved in the story .Beginning with the title you did a beautiful job of that. Thank you for identifying each and every life as a legend. There is no end to this tragic story.

  110. Very well-written. I think this tragedy hit everyone so hard because in addition to the death of a legendary celebrity, it was the loss of parents and their children on the way to a typical extracurricular weekend sports activity. It made all of us stop and reassess how such an basic, ordinary occurrence – carpooling to a practice or a game – can so quickly become an unimaginable nightmare. And although the immediate, initial reports focused on Kobe and then soon after his daughter, I have seen fairly wide coverage of the other passengers who lost their lives as well. I’m not typically a defender of the media but in this case, there were children and spouses who lost their loved ones in the crash and I assume some time was needed to handle that with sensitivity before adding a media circus to their grief.

  111. Thanks for sharing these thoughts! Alternatively, I don’t think think we should live like the fog is coming. I think we should live wholly, furiously, loudly, filled with love and joy and wonder in spite of knowing the fog is always here. The way this story has been broadcasted by media perpetuates fear over and over again. For me it’s been a reminder, are my thoughts rooted in love or fear and is my life a reflection of that?
    Thanks again for your own thoughts !

  112. It’s nicely written yes but never have I seen it mentioned that the others are less important or forgotten. He’s a celebrity that what we do, we idolize them and put them on a pedestal. It’s almost annoying reading this as if you’re separating them not us. They all are being prayed for a thought of in the most loving way. Just stop!

    1. I don’t think they have been treated as less important either. Nor did I insinuate that. They are lesser known, regular folks. They are now known by the world because of their association with Kobe Bryant, but they were loved by their own people before anyone else knew their names.

  113. Coach Alto was my son’s Jr. college baseball coach for 2 years. He was a hero and inspiration to all the players on that team, especially when one of the players passed away. He was a role model that my son will carry with him always. He touched thousands of young men in his 27 years.

  114. This article was well written.
    I beleive the author touched on all nine lives lost that day. Every individual was just as important and loved by someone. My heart goes out to the families where the mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, children, and siblings perished. May they all rest in peace. May we as a people continue to lift them and their families in prayer. I do beleive GOD had already claimed these angels. Rest Easy. 😇😭

  115. Thank you for sharing the personal stories of ALL the others who died, perhaps this will be a teachable moment for the media and newscasters in the future when tragedy strikes and to be more sensitive to all those impacted,
    not just celebrities

  116. Thank you for writing about everyone on board that helicopter. You’re post was beautifully written, and I am certain the families are very thankful for your thoughtfulness.

  117. I’m glad someone remembered there were others lost that meant a lot to family and friends. ALL lives were important.

  118. Dear Missy —
    I am so grateful for your post. Your witness to the fact that the 7 others had names, faces, and that they too were heroes to people in their own rights — that was powerful. Thank you for telling some of “their” stories. And what pain in those stories. It has helped me to pray more specifically. I just deeply appreciate the fact that you wrote this. Thank you.

      1. Thank you Missy for acknowledging the “7 others”. It was very nice to learn more about these special people. It is so very sad.

    1. You express more completely what I felt after hearing the news reports. I understand a little about the life of celebrities. However, there are people who impact lives in changing and growing ways for the next generation. they are celebrieties too. Why must “responsible journalism” seem to ignore any of “the rest?”

    2. Well said Missy! So many people feel exactly the same. My heart is breaking for all of these families who, without any warning lost part of their world and they will forever be changed by it.

    3. I read your report this morning and it answered the questions I asked myself many times since this terrible accident happened. Thank you for answering these questions . All of these passengers were equally important as you have so thoughtfully written. My thoughts are with them and their families. Thank you.

    4. Thank you you Missy for that wonderful write up. I could hardly finish reading because tears kept filling my eyes. I couldn’t help putting myself in the place of the “seven others” who are easily put into oblivion. We should pray for God’s comfort for the family left behind by all the 9 victims. I love Kobe. I watched him play before when I was still in the US., but my heart falls for all those families left behind. 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

  119. Thank you, thank you, thank you! These are the exact feeling I’ve been having since this tragic accident. All I see are condolences for Koby and his family. I understand and I pray for them as well. But the first thing I did was Google the others that lost their lives and saw the faces of their loved ones. I felt their pain and could only imagine what they were going through.
    God bless all the families of all 9 that were taking way too soon, and give strength to those suffering. 💔

    1. Felt the same way. Thank you for posting. The tribute should be for all who lost their lives. My heart breaks for the families left behind. You all have not been forgotten. Praying for healing.

      1. I spoke with my son who lives 3,000 miles from me and expressed the same thoughts as yours…..what about the other.s who died with him? They had families who suffered the same heartbreak? M heart breaks just also for them.

    2. Thank you for putting my thoughts into print…. The other 7 people on that helicopter are no more or less missed than Kobe and his daughter….

    3. I think all of America stopped breathing for a day. We all went thru the motions of everyday living, but in our souls we were haunted by the 7 others too. We didn’t know them, but we knew the pain in families left behind..I still think of them everyday; empty places at the table, their clothes in the laundry, empty beds and no more kisses goodbye or good morning hugs. I pray for their families everyday. Thank you for your beautiful words

      1. I’ve been following this tragedy since it happened. My heart aches for the families of the lost souls as well as the company that owned the helicopter. Yes. I mourn for you, too. You are victims of this awful accident, too. ❤️ I cannot imagine how you feel as well as the Bryant family and all the families affected. This is a most tragic accident. You lost your pilot as well. My prayers are with you, as well as my heart. I will pray for you every day, as well as all the families involved. God bless you and give you strength and courage to face the days before you. It’s not your fault. It’s an accident that could not have been avoided. Again, my heart and prayers are with you. Stand strong. This too shall pass.

    1. Well written..First my Prayers are going out to every Family Member who lost there Love one’s in this Helicopter Crash.We are all the same when we will leave this Earth. I just say enjoy your Life every Day…Put a Smile on People there for one or another…You never know when the Lord will call You Home…..

  120. You said what we are all feeling! Thank for putting feelings into words! May the survivors be comforted with God’s love and others prayers.

  121. Missy I have thought so much about the same things you put into words so beautifully. My heart aches for everyone that lost their lives and their families. My cousin lost her 20 year old daughter last night in a car accident. There are no words

    1. Thank you for sharing those words that I believe most of the world felt well! As I heard of the Kobe’s Bryant’s tragic news. I had just attended my friend’s nephew’s Gabriel funeral who was 22 years old and got killed in a tragic car accident unexpectedly . I was dealing with their pain and loss and then I got the news on my news feed about Kobe Bryant’s tragic crash! I love how you worded this because it’s exactly how I felt with my friend’s nephew who leaves his parents and his 12 year old sister behind. It hurts and I look at my 12 year old and could just imagine the pain if God took me today ! So as you say it we all have our own people that are our legends and world to us! God bless the families of these 7 people and the Bryant’s that God may give them strength and peace in the coming days and years! And Bless us all as well Amen

  122. All the publicity on this tragedy has really bothered me. I had read a little about the other 7. You see, I lost my daughter in 2017. Only those close to us knew and cared. Her death didn’t make the news. We had to pay to get the obituary in the paper.
    So I have thought about the mom who lost her daughter, wife that lost a husband, the children that have lost their parents and siblings. It’s a loss that will change them down to their very soul. I know this pain and heartache and I am so saddened for these families.

    1. I am so sorry that you lost your daughter in 2017. I lost my beloved son in April, 2018. He was 49 years old and was our only child and our world. It is something that you never get over. I cherish the memories as I am sure you do of your daughter. My faith in God sustains me. I know I will be with him in Glory someday.
      I pray that the families of all killed in this tragedy have faith to hold onto. Blessings to you and your family.

    2. I lost my 15 year old on 2012 and the grief and sadness I have for these families is heavy. But myself and my children have all talked about how they want try to do the normal task they do all the time and we are saddened that these sweet souls can not scroll social media and not see a picture pop up- the media is covering anything they can get their hands on and these families just have their TVs on for background noise and keep seeing the accident scene pop up-pictures of their loved ones-or these amazing tributes. But grief is so personal I am heart broken for them. Also I pray they didn’t learn on twitter and then the news of the crash-because those families knew that their mother-father-sister-brother-grandchild-aunt-uncle-niece-nephew-friend-neighbor-teammates knew that their “person” was in that helicopter- it’s never a good dialogue but it much more believable and someone to explain to you in person instead of a blurb by the media. Sorry to be so long and rambling but after reading your comment I feel like you understand my fear.

    3. Sandy, my heart breaks for you. How different it is for us “normal” folks. I’m so very sorry for the loss of your precious daughter. I cannot imagine. I have several friends who have dealt with this and they all say that they take one day at a time. When they cannot handle the pain they give in to it. From today on, you are in my prayers. 🙏🏻❤️

    1. The beautiful expressions of condolences for those who lost families and friends from the tragic helicopter crash last weekend have been read over and over. Many thoughts were expressed which I would hope will help in the healing as time passes. I am 91 , soon to reach 92 years of loving ad losing loved ones at this late evening in my life. While traveling my long walk of life, I,too, have lost many loved ones, including husbands and many family members. I can truthfully say that the loss of oneof my two daughters has hurt the most.It is not supposed to happen that way. I am sure the grieving parents are experiencing their nightmares of losing the big hunk of their hearts that went with the losses. There is no other way to describe one’s feelings. I pray for all.

  123. I am a daughter. A sister. A parent. I lost my only sibling. My brother. And two of my four children went to heaven before me. Losing these 9 souls is yet another horrendous and unimaginable tragedy. For every person affected our hearts are broken and our souls are crushed as their lives are forever altered, never to be the same. We can only pray for strength that they will someday be able to move forward. Which means we pray that at some point in their lives, they can cope. Because there is no forgetting. No reprieve from grief. It is the price of loving someone who moves on before you 💔.
    Thank you for your thoughtful and beautifully insightful piece.

    1. Dear Vicki Cummings, God bless you! I cannot even imagine what you are going through. I’ve never faced what you are going through. I’ve lost dear ones for sure, but I have not lost my siblings and do not have children. Take each day as it comes to you. Let your dear ones left on this earth help you in any way they can. It helps them and you. One day you will get through this. Life will never be the same, I’m sure. But there is more for you in this life. Hang on. Try to see the beauty in the life you have left. Cling to those that give you peace. I pray that you find peace.

  124. Many of us felt the impact of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash like a punch to the solar plexus.
    A friend posted this blog on FB. It impacted me so much, I shared it and this is what I wrote: “As a woman who lost my only child when he was 22, a brother when he was 36 & a brother-in-law when he was 52, I know a lot about losing a loved one “before their time”.
    This blog speaks to that kind of loss, and more….”

    Four of my friends shared it, each commenting on how well it was written.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for writing from your heart.

    1. Dear Missy,
      You wrote exactly the thoughts I have been thinking since this horrendous event. I have been so consumed with the seven other people on the helicopter and their families and learning about who they were and who they left behind. Thank you for your eloquent eulogy.

  125. As a mother who has lost a daughter I can say I know a small part of their pain. So thank you for giving this beautifully written voice to those who can no longer tell their tell & to their loved ones muted by greaf.

  126. Thank you for writing and sharing this with us. Thank you for looking into those 7 others and gave them names and stories. Even if they were not in the public eye they matter to someone. You’re a great writer. Than you for bringing out what was kept hidden.

  127. All the people on board died. That is the tragedy. Several were youngsters. All were young. And all of them had their whole lives in front of them. That is the tragedy. End of story.

  128. In my somewhat hurried life, I’ve wondered who were the other seven on board the tragic helicopter crash. Besides Kobe and his beautiful daughter, I knew only of a coach and his wife and daughter since I went to Orange Coast College in the 60s. Your heartfelt story brought all of these people into focus and gave names and family members left behind.

    I couldn’t sleep this morning and be lying next to my wife of nearly 48 years when I was praying and thanking God for Kathy in my life. I was thinking about life without her or her without me. You sometimes think about these things at our age. We just recently procured our cremation plans and that action has brought even more awareness to our short life in God’s time. We must always be thankful for our families and friends who share God’s beautiful life into ours.

    Thank you, Missy, for sharing.

  129. Most of us have lost loved ones, it changes your world completely when I was 10yrs old my sister Pam passed at 14yrs young it has been 48yrs I still think of her wonder what her life would have been like what kind of relationship we would have now as adults you never get over a lost you just learn to live with it. and now both of my parents are gone, but I know I’ll see all of them one day.

    This is beautiful written, last Sunday the tragedy of 9 lives gone so young so fast, of course the news of Kobe and his beautiful 13yr old daughter affected so many of us since he has been in all of our homes at some point in time when our TV was on. This writer captured what I was thinking who are those other 7 what is their story, who was waiting for them to text and to come back home that day. None of us knows when God will call us home, tomorrow is not promised, live your life today in full color, hug those near and dear to you, tell them you love them, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised but today is here live it 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

  130. Reblogged this on Sunday Morning with Sandy and commented:
    With the whole world talking about the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna – I thought this was a very important read. Do you know who the others were? I did not, but now I do.

    1. I too was concerned about the other seven. I was sure we missing something.. How sad for the other families I was sure the others were leaving behind families that loved them dearly and will miss them. I understand the news talking about the Kobe family< but felt there was more to the story Thanks for sharing

      1. Yes, every life is important! Thank you so much for reading and commenting!! xo

  131. Prayers for all of the families, but I disagree. The families have received more television and media recognition through death than they did while living due to passing with Kobe. I just dont get the negative spin..

    1. I don’t think the blog is as negative as some of the responses has been. This was not a media bashing post. I even called there media responsible. It’s mostly just my reaction to hearing about this terrible crash.

      1. Yes, exactly. We talked about this at church this morning, that other families are also devastated this week… that people who may not have the money to bury multiple family members are not only bereaved, but wondering how they’ll cope with finances. Each person who died was of “Kobe Bryant” importance to someone.

      2. I believe Vanessa Bryant is doing everything she can to help the other families. She set up a fund at to raised money for loved ones of the families that died that day.

  132. It was not intentional to leave out anyone. It is purely thoughtlessness.
    Sometimes no one knows you are alive, until you are dead, especially as you age.

    Thank you for writing such a heartfelt expression with such wise words of thoughtfulness that many of us were feeling also!
    God have mercy and healing (in time),on ALL that were so devastatingly affected by this tragic event!!!😢

  134. Thank you so much for sharing. Kobe grew up and played basketball in the Lower Merion School District where I spent over 33 years as an elementary & middle school educator. I’ve been seeking additional info about the others who lost their live that fateful morning. Your article brought me what I was seeking. Thank you again. 💔💕

  135. wow thanks for the time to put this together and share with all

    the opening lines on your story was exactly what came to my mind when I 1st heard the story

    “Heroes” in their households and whoever else they touched in their circle

    I guess that’s what happens when you’re a dad who understands the love of a parent for their children you see it

    Ripples through life that affected their households and their families like their respective moms and dads

    I’m grateful for the time you took to put this together and share

    Can’t blame the reporters they only say what’s in front them to the media they are trained the only ones that matter is who’s famous

    But your message is well received

    Everyone else in their scope are “others”

    thanks again

  136. Thank You, I saw a clip of the asst coach and her grieving husband. I wondered about the others. Yes, no matter how great an Athlete one is Natural Conditions can be even greater. Think of the people who scaled Mt. Everest. They deserve recognition too.

  137. My heart has been hurting for all who lost someone on that terrible day. I was especially sad when I read about the two remaining family members who lost their Dad, Mom and a sibling when the helicopter crashed. The horrible pain those young people have to be going throgh to me is unimaginable!! The others were left at least one parent to help them cope with the loss, but these two lost both their parents that day and a sister. May God be with all the families, but I pray that all will say an extra prayer for the two young people who must now face life without their Father, Mother or Sister. Thank you taking the time to write such a tribute to all of those “Hero’s” lost in that tragic crash

  138. Beautifully written. They are ALL in glory now. Prayers continue for all of those who perished and their families and friends.🙏🏼

  139. Thank you for writing this… It mirrors EXACTLY how I have been feeling since seeing all the reports on the tragedy… I also have had a hard time hearing Kobe referred to as a hero… because he was a legend for sure… not a hero… The heroes are the first responders and others that had to be at the scene & see the death & destruction.

  140. You expressed exactly what I was thinking…Thank you for sharing so that many others could ponder your message. oxoxo

  141. Missy, thank you from the bottom of my heart for expressing so eloquently what so many of us have been feeling. Yes Kobe Bryant was a well known sports personality. Admired by so many. But as you said everybody on that helicopter was a hero to somebody. There are people that will never recover from this loss. This occurrence was a tragic reminder that we never know how long God has given us to walk on this earth. From this day forward we should always remember to tell those we love that we love them. Hug them. Kiss them. Let them know how important they are to us. Don’t wait until we run out of time and can’t share those feelings with them. This should be a learning experience for us all.

  142. Such a beautiful concept this blog is. I “fell into” this lovely space when I Googled “the seven others…” or something close to that. Your blog gives me more and so many other stories just as important. Thank you so much!

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