Every Toolbox Should Have Some Nyquil

If I were grading myself on keeping it interesting Monday-Friday, I’d give myself a tentative C-. Below average, but clinging to hope. And as far as diet and exercise go, I’d grade me at a D-, very precariously about to utterly fail. But I’m not depressed or deterred or defeated. Because at some things this week I have knocked an A+ out of the park. Just today I have:

  • Become a boss at digital sprinklers
  • Dragged a kid to the doctor to watch her test positive for Flu A
  • Talked to 7 different people about grass and sprinklers
  • Done 6 loads of laundry
  • Prepared a wholesome meal (chick fil a app)
  • Walked the dog 3 times and made 3 school runs
  • Taken Nyquil.

I don’t have original thoughts in my head at this hour. And when I did have thoughts in my head that might have passed for original, I was playing the sprinklers like a video game.

So maybe I don’t have an A in some important subjects, but there’s time and room for improvement. And I have friends making As. You know who’s making an A right now? Nyquil. That guy is something else.


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