Christmas Magic vs. Black Magic

After the night we had, I think I should probably stick to bullet points this morning. I’m also plunking this out on my phone, and we all know how phone typing goes for me.

Last night around 11:30, when I was threatening bodily harm already to the girls who wouldn’t stop flapping their gums, Jenna says, “What’s that creepy noise?” My answer was, “Go to sleep or the creepy noise will be the spanking you’re getting.” Oh, who am I kidding? She is who she is because she needed spanking and I just couldn’t do it.

Anyway, I’m good at the threats.

But, as I lay there with my good ear against a pillow and my bad ear to the air, I heard a noise too. A noise like dripping. A dripping like Niagara Falls. So I got up to check the bathroom, thinking our shower was dripping and discovered that the hotel room directly above us was raining right into our room. I grabbed the phone to call downstairs and Tim was at the door before I could even change clothes. Don’t worry. It’s too cold here to be indecent.

Tim didn’t have much to offer. No maintenance or mechanics were on duty and there were no rooms like ours available. I said good night to Tim and used every towel in the place to soak up the water and prayer to stop the water.

Then we tried all over again to get the talkers to shut up. Threaten and repeat.

This morning, I checked the situation and the water was no worse. I hope they fix it upstairs because I don’t want to leave this room.

Since sleep was abbreviated, I’ll keep the post abbreviated also.

Magical Moments:

  • After wandering a rather interesting neighborhood looking for the 2nd Street Subway station, we asked a man if he could tell us where it was. That man answered as kindly and articulately as any person I’ve ever talked to in my life. “Well, yes sir. It’s just right across this street, attached to the corner of the Whole Foods.” I was convinced he was Columbia University educated. Todd and Brady said he was homeless. Shows what they know.
  • Walking 34th Street with Todd and Brady at night and introducing Brady to Macy’s.
  • STOMP. What a great show they put on, in a theater they own in the aforementioned interesting neighborhood.
  • Riding the subway. The people watching is amazing. Not walking 30 blocks is a magic all its own.
  • The view from the 86th floor of the Empire State building.

The Black Magical Moments:

  • The 2nd Street Subway Station. Once we finally found it, we knew why it was hard to find. It’s because you shouldn’t find it. It shouldn’t be found.
  • Walking 34th Street with the girls. Let’s just leave it at this. I took them back to the hotel to stay with Andrew.
  • Brady got accosted by a dude selling airheads. “Don’t be scared, boy,” he said. We grabbed our son from the evil clutches and kept walking. We’re not scared, fella. WE JUST DON’T WANT NO STINKING AIRHEADS!
  • Lucy cannot pass a tour/bus company employee without accepting a pamphlet. “Don’t take any pamphlets” has become a family catchphrase.
  • Jenna is an easy target for people dressed up like Elmo and the Grinch. They grab her for a picture and before we know it, she’s posed between two strangers wanting our money. We. Don’t.want.the.airheads.people.
  • The line to the view from the 86th floor of the Empire State building.

There are a lot of people visiting New York City right now who apparently had the same idea we did.

They should have stayed home.

Happy Holidays. Wishing you the good kind of magic.

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